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Mobile piglet scales

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    ISO calibration certificate 150 kg
    ISO calibration certificate 150 kg
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    • Mobile piglet scales<br />PS SST
    • Capacity: 60 / 100 / 150 kg<br />Stainless steel platform 330 x 330 x 60 mm
    Per Tastendruck umschaltbar z.B. auf nichtmetrische Einheiten
    Rücksetzen der Anzeige auf 0.
    Schutzklasse IP54
    Schutzklasse IP54
    Schutz gegen Staubablagerung und allseitiges Spritzwasser
    Der Gewichtswert der letzten Beladung bleibt auf dem Display stehen.
    Beleuchtetes LCD Display
    Beleuchtetes LCD Display
    CE Kennzeichnung
    CE Kennzeichnung
    Das Produkt entspricht den Anforderungen der Harmonisierungsrechtsvorschriften.
    Mit automatischer Abschaltung zur Batterieschonung
    The piglet scales can be used anywhere in application areas that do not require legal metrology.... more
    Product information "Mobile piglet scales PS SST"

    The piglet scales can be used anywhere in application areas that do not require legal metrology. The separate display also makes weighing bulky objects easy. The scales are practical and easy to use due to their user-friendly interface, even by staff with little training. The low weight, the flexible mounting capacity and the battery operation make the use of these scales extremely easy and possible in any location.

    Features of the piglet scales

    • High quality at a reasonable price
    • Stainless steel platform 330 x 330 x 60 mm with a 2 m spiral cable
    • Weighing capacity 60 kg with 20 g increments
    • Display with spiral cable and wall bracket included
    • Power adapter included as standard
    • Battery operation possible: 6 x normal AA batteries
    • Weight: approx. 3.5 kg
    • Dimensions of display: 2.5 x 6.5 cm
    • Easy to use
    • Robust and overload-proof


    Taring, zeroing, switching between gross / net.

    Power supply

    The piglet scales are supplied with a 230 V plug-in power supply, but the scales can also be operated using commercially available AA batteries.
    In addition, the parcel scales have a so-called auto-shutdown function. This means that during battery operation the parcel scales automatically switch off after 3 minutes without a change in load.


    The separate indicator is integrated into a robust aluminium profile and has a membrane keyboard with 4 buttons. The easy-to-read display is connected to the easy-to-maintain stainless steel platform by means of a 2 meter-long spiral cable and can therefore be placed anywhere or affixed to a wall for ergonomic working operations. For safe wall mounting, wall mounts are supplied as standard.

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