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Digital Load Cell
Amplifier DBB

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    Weighing terminal PMW PMW-S
    Weighing terminal PMW PMW-S
    €370.00 *
    • Digital Load Cell<br />Amplifier DBB
    • Verifiable digital terminal boxes<br /> with integrated 24bit scale interface
    The digital Load Cell Amplifier in junction box DBB is a combination of cable box and an... more
    Product information "Digital Load Cell Amplifier DBB"

    The digital Load Cell Amplifier in junction box DBB is a combination of cable box and an analog-to-digital converter. The internal high-precision digital amplifier with 24-bit A/D converter converts the output signals of the connected load cells into a stable weight value. The electronic weighing system feeds the load cells and converts, amplifies and filters the analog signal to it then digitized. On the cable box DBB-11 analog load cell 1 can be connected in four-wire technology. On the cable box DBB-14 and DBB-44 up to 4 analog load cells can be connected in parallel in four- wire technology. In DBB -14 every 4 load cells are brought together on one channel. In DBB -44 each cell is evaluated on a separate channel, thus a digital corner adjustment is possible.


    • Load Cell Digitizing unit with Adaptor with screw terminal connections in terminal box for up to 4 load
    • Approved to OIML R76 10,000d 0,2uV/d
    • Scale Interface - Integrated 24-bit A / D converter ( 4 channels)
    • Internal resolution 1,000,000 parts
    • Sampling rate of the A / D converter adjustable ( 6-200 measurements per second)
    • Digital filter
    • Alibi memory
    • Serial interface RS232 and RS485
    • Wide input voltage range : 9 - 30V DC
    • Adjustment and setting by software
    • Industrial-grade aluminum body
    • Degree of protection IP65
    • Inputs and outputs via metric screw
    • Robust board with high quality screw
    • Dimensions DBB 11: (W x L x H) 170 x 46 x 30 mm
    • Dimensions DBB 14/44: (W x L x H) 152 x 79 x 30 mm
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