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Signal lamp

Ampel für Waagen - Ampelwaage
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    • Signal lamp<br /> SL
    • Three-color signal beacon<br /> for check-weighing
    The SL signal transmitter is ideal for optical display at tolerance weighing with check scales.... more
    Product information "Signal lamp SL"

    The SL signal transmitter is ideal for optical display at tolerance weighing with check scales.With this control lamp, the limits can be made ​​visible in order to exclude the carelessness of the staff. Thus, this control lamp is particularly suitable as optical control of setpoints at counting applications or check weighing. The SL signal lamp is controlled via serial commands and requires no relay outputs. The high-quality signal lamps SL use the latest LED technology and are not only visually appealing, but also functional and reliable. The bright, three-color signal lamp "made ​​in Germany" has a high contrast effect through their satin finish, square-free light column. Communication is via an RS 232 interface. The signal light indicates three colors with 8 super flux LED that correspond to the various comparator states (yellow = too little, green = OK, red = too much). Example: If the weight is below the lower weight limit a yellow light is shown and a green light, when the weight is between the lower and upper limit. When the limit is exceeded, the red light is on.



    • Three-color signal lamp using LED technology
    • High contrast effect with satin, square-free light column
    • High quality load cell (IP67)
    • 8bright Super Flux LED per color
    • Signal colors RED, YELLOW and GREEN
    • Diameter 60 mm, height 130 mm (single tube / three lights)
    • Power supply: 9-24 VDC
    • Built-in RS-232 interface
    • Can be connected to scale indicators and weighing terminals

    Signal lamp for use as

    • Level checkweigher
    • pharmacies Defekturwaage
    • Mixing and Portioning
    • Industrial applications : counting, +/- check etc.




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