Bed scale
SP 7711

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    • Akkumulator
    • Bed scale<br />SP 7711
    • Weighing of beds<br />Latest Bluetooth technology
    The functionally designed, handy bed scale is ideal for use in hospitals, rehabilitation centers... more
    Product information "Bed scale SP 7711"

    The functionally designed, handy bed scale is ideal for use in hospitals, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes. This scale is suitable by their certification and medical approval for use in hospitals and clinics. (eg bedridden patients in the ICU)

    Dialysis scales: The bed scales come as standard with a so-called intermediate tare function, which is needed particularly in the dialysis. For example, a blanket or towel is "off-tared" without changing the actual weight of the patient.
    Differential weighing: With our bed scales a differential weighing is possible with a zeroed weight, even with a slow change. If the weight gain or loss of a patient should be controlled during a weighing, the weight displayed can be completely zeroed and the weight change is shown on the display.


    • Bed scale up to 500 kg, division up to 300 kg = 100 g, from 300 kg = 200 g
    • Verifiable to verification class M III, MGP Class 1
    • Wireless measured value transmission from the foot sensor to the indicator. Range: 10 m
    • Low energy consumption of the foot sensors
    • Easy handling due to the integrated lifter in the foot sensor
    • Steady weight display by filtering
    • Display with good readability through large digits: 20 mm
    • BMI function, hold function and dialysis special function as well as possible plus/minus weighing, fixed tare value (up to 100 fixed values), Tare
    • Manual input: Alphanumeric keypad for entering organization data 

    Please read the information for the verification of medical scales

    With the Easy Lift system of the bed scale, the weighing sensors can be placed under the bed without the hassle lifting. The weighing sensors are simply pushed into the wheel by lifting the wheel with the lever. Despite the ease of handling the weighing sensors guarantee a very high level of stability for the bedside. Basically, the four weighing sensors are designed for a standard width of the bed wheel of 7.1 cm. Unlike other manufacturers of bed scales, the width of the bedwheels can vary, since there is no outer limit required by the secure positioning of the weighing sensor. So also (older) beds with wheels which have a width of, for example, 7.5 cm or 8.0 cm can be used. Due to the latest Bluetooth technology (Bluetooth class 2, range up to 10 m) the weighing sensors communicate through wireless Bluetooth technology with the digital display. Thus, the risk of injury is minimized, by crashes on the measuring cable, as well as the risk of damage to the cable. For safety reasons, the medical bed scales are "oversized" and have an increased carrying capacity because of the extremely robust construction, so that even so-called dynamic loads, such as when children bounce on the bed, don't damage it.


    The maximum weighing capacity is 500 kg. It is a multi-range scale. A weighing precision of 100 g shall apply until a weighing range of 300 kg. From a load of over 300 kg, the display switches to an accuracy of 200 g. It is particularly easy to install because no troublesome wiring is required due to four radio connections corresponding scale elements. Therefore, the cleaning is much more comfortable, so that better hygiene is given in the hospital room. The evaluation also provides optional interfaces to transfer the weight values ​​for further processing. The indicator comes as standard with a port for a printer or PC, as well as with a tare memory for weights of beds and has an 10x accurate indication of weight. By using digital filter, oscillations, vibrations, shocks, etc. are filtered sliding. In addition, the damping behavior can be adjusted via the operating menu in different stages. The maximum duration of a weighing sensor battery pack is about 12 hours. If the indicator of the Bluetooth bed scale is off, the battery performance is automatically reduced, thereby the standby time increases to 125 hours. For safety reasons the voltage power supply of the display is built in the housing of the indicator and is therefore protected from damage.

    Legal for trade- Medical approval

    The bed scales SP 7711 are legal for trade according to the international OIML verification class III and comply with the Medical Device Directive and the EC Directive 93/42/EEC. The bed scale can be delivered legal for trade.

    For applications that require verification, please order verification at the same time. Verification at a later date is not possible!


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