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Personal floor scale

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    • Akkumulator
    • Personal floor scale<br />K-MPB
    • Personal floor scale with BMI function<br />Platform size: 315 x 300 x 60 mm
    The flat scale K-MPB is a robust scale for determining the body weight of patients. With... more
    Product information "Personal floor scale K-MPB"

    The flat scale K-MPB is a robust scale for determining the body weight of patients. With the BMI function, you can easily evaluate the nutritional status of the patient and recommend a nutrition plan with weight control.


    • Flat scale with a capacity up to 300 kg
    • Sturdy steel weighing plate with a non-slip and wear-resistant surface
    • For easy and hygienic cleaning
    • low height of the platform facilitates access or installation of a chair
    • Secure and non-slip positioning with rubber feet
    • Dynamic weighing function that allows determination of a stable weighing value, ideal for restless patients
    • Data hold function: When the weighing value remains unchanged the weight indicated on the display is automatically "frozen" until the HOLD key is pressed
    • BMI function to determine normal weight / surplus weight
    • Large easy to read LCD display with digit height 25 mm
    • Simple and convenient 4-key operation
    • Wall mount for display device standard, only for model without a stand
    • Dimensions of the weighing plate (W x D x H) 315 x 300 x 60 mm (housing 210 x 110 x 50 mm)
    • Net weight approx 8.5 kg


    The high weighing capacity up to 300 kg is suitable for weighing heavy patients. The low height of the platform is suitable especially for older patients. Even with restless patients you always receive accurate and stable results. The flat scale can be optionally equipped with stand or with optional length measuring rod.


    The weight of the patient is displayed in 100 g. The indicator has a high-contrast LCD display for easy entry and reading of patient data such as size used to calculate the BMI. The scale is powered by a battery with which up to 100 hours can be operated.

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    Type:Capacity, MaxDivision, ePrice €, excl. VAt
    Personal scale K-MPB 300 300 kg 100 g 215,-
    Personal scale mit Stativ K-MPB 300P 300 kg 100 g 285,-



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