Forklift hook with scale

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    • Akkumulator
    • Forklift hook with scale<br /> GLW
    • Forklift scale for hanging loads Capacity up to 2.500 kg Forklift becomes crane scale
    Made in Germany
    Made in Germany
    Made in Germany
    The load hook scale GLW is a forklift hook with an integrated weighing system. This lifting... more
    Product information "Forklift hook with scale GLW"

    The load hook scale GLW is a forklift hook with an integrated weighing system. This lifting device enables the forklift to work as a crane. Through a forklift hook in the crosshead guide a load distribution on two forklift tines is achieved. The fork lifting beam for fork tines is equipped with a swiveling load hook with a safety lock. The toggle screw (Screw-fixing/clamping lever) secures the lifting beam to prevent slipping. Before use, the sustainability and the center distance relating to the forklift must be checked.


    • Load hook scale for forklift trucks
    • Capacity: 2500 kg / Division 500 g
    • Sturdy welded construction - lacquered surface
    • Securing against slippage with screw fastening for locking the device on the tines
    • Including swivel hooks
    • Max. dimensions of the forks: 190 x 70 mm.
    • Own weight: 24 kg


    For the safe pick up and transport of heavy loads, the load hook scale is the ideal load handling equipment.
    Capacity 2.500 kg. Forklift hook for pushing onto two forklift tines with swivel hooks.
    Basically the forklift hook is pushed with the forklift shoes on the tine.


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