Pallet truck scales
HLS-MC 2500

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  • BW10228.2
  • Pallet truck scales<br />HLS-MC 2500
  • Pallet truck with counting scale<br />Capacity up to 2500 kg
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Datenschnittstelle RS 232
Datenschnittstelle RS 232
Bidirektional, zum Anschluss an einen Drucker oder PC
Speicher für Anzahl der Wägungen und das daraus resultierende Gesamtgewicht.
Schutzklasse IP54
Schutzklasse IP54
Schutz gegen Staubablagerung und allseitiges Spritzwasser
Spezialprogramm zum Wiegen von lebenden Tieren
Beleuchtetes LCD Display
Beleuchtetes LCD Display
CE Kennzeichnung
CE Kennzeichnung
Das Produkt entspricht den Anforderungen der Harmonisierungsrechtsvorschriften.
Interne Justierautomatik
Interne Justierautomatik
Einstellen der Genauigkeit durch internes Justiergewicht
Akku- und Netzbetrieb
Akku- und Netzbetrieb
Wiederaufladbares Set
The pallet truck with integrated counting Scale is the ideal solution for quick and easy... more
Product information "Pallet truck scales HLS-MC 2500"

The pallet truck with integrated counting Scale is the ideal solution for quick and easy weighing and counting at different locations. Especially in logistics, the pallet truck scale is advantageous. The pallet trucks with scale are simple in use and handling. It is no longer necessary to remove the pallet from the pallet truck to weigh. Just pump up and read off the weight.


  • TÜV, CE and GS certified industrial quality
  • Capacity up to 2500 kg, division 500 g
  • With 4 -point load cell weighing system
  • MCI count display in aluminum housing with adjustable backlight
  • Intuitive, user-friendly operation
  • Handy pump and drawbar with extra reinforcement for the shear
  • Rubber-coated tiller handle with 3 integrated functions Lifting-driving-lowering
  • Extremely sturdy construction designed for easy and low-noise operation
  • Overload protection with pressure-relief valve for long service life
  • Fast lift function with fine-control lowering as standard
  • Powder-coated construction
  • Maintenance-free, airtight and dustproof high-performance hydraulic pump made ​​of high-strength steel
  • Heavy-duty, hard rubber tandem castors

Power supply and interfaces

The rechargeable battery allows for weighing without connection to the mains supply.
The battery life of approx. 40 hours (without printer) make the scales a most flexible working tool. The adjustable backlight and automatic display shut-down reduce power consumption from the battery.


Optional integrated thermal printer for printing weight data is available.
An optional, rotating weight display ensures best ergonomics in the workplace. The weight is always in view.
The optional quick to change rechargeable battery allows an unproblematic shift operation.

Gewicht: ca. 130 kg
Lastrollen: Tandem Polyurethan
Lenkräder: Polyurethan
Ziffernschritt: Standard: 0,5 kg
Gabellänge: 1150 mm
Gabelbreite: 170 mm
Schwenkbarkeit: 210°
Hub: 85 / 185 mm
Hubwagenbreite: 540 mm
Messbereich: 0 - 2500 kg
Wägetechnik: Mit 4 Punkt Wägezellen-Wiegeeinrichtung
Deichsel: Griffige Pump- und Zugdeichsel mit extra Verstärkung für den Schub
Geprüfte Qualität: TÜV, CE und GS zertifizierte Industriequalität
Funktionen | Besonderheiten: Zählfunktion
Sicherheit: Wägezellen und Kabel geschützt im Rahmen verbaut
Druckkolben: Druckkolben hart verchromt
Griff: Deichselgriff gummiert mit 3 Funktionen: Heben-Fahren-Senken
Wägebereich: Bis 2500 kg, Auflösung 500 g (200 g für 300 EUR Aufpreis)
Hydraulik: Wartungsfreie, luft- und staubdichte Hochleistungs- Hydraulikpumpe aus hochfestem Stahl
Rollen: Belastbare Hartgummi - Tandemrollen
Material: Stahl, pulverbeschichtet
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Available downloads:

The high-quality display MCI with a 60 mm large, backlit display provides optimal readability of the weight, even in low light conditions. Rated capacity: 2500 kg default.

Grat Emphasis was placed on the chassis for the pallet trucks. For extra sturdiness and stability is the powder-coated steel frame reinforced and impact-proof. The frame features a built-in campact hydraulic unit encased in an impact-proof steel housing. BOSCHE pallet trucks come standard with tandem load castors for easy crossing of thresholds and obstacles. The 210° steering ensures easy maneuvering. The pallet scale has a fast lift function which can be controlled by the tiller handle. As with all BOSCHE scales the load cells and cabling are installed inside the framework for extra protection.

The high-quality display MCI with a 60 mm large, backlit display provides optimal readability of the weight, even in low light conditions.
Standard Capacity: 2500 kg

Weighing technology

Four high-quality load cells, which are installed inside the framework, ensure highest precision. These load cells are laser welded (IP68). The MCI display is enclosed in a sturdy aluminium housing and features 22 numeric and function keys. Large click action keys make the keypad particularly user-friendly. On the three illuminated displays, weight, piece weight and quantity are easy to read. The scales electronics are protected against dust and water ingress (IP67).

Merkmale eines Hubwagen mit Waage

Proven Quality: TÜV, CE and GS certified industrial quality
Construction: Powder coated steel, overload protection with pressure-relief valve for long service life
Castors: Heavy-duty, hard rubber tandem castors
Tiller: Ergonomically designed tiller handle and pump lever reinforced for shear protection
Handle: Rubber-coated tiller handle with 3 integrated functions: Lifting-driving-lowering
Piston: Chromed piston
Safety: Load cells and cabling installed inside the framework for extra protection
Hydraulic: Maintenance-free, air-tight and dust-proof high-performance hydraulic pump made of high-strength steel
Capacity: Up to 2500 kg, standard increment 500 g (optional: 200 g)
Weighing technology: With 4-point load cell weighing system
Measuring range: 0 - 2500 kg
Increment: Standard: 0,5 kg
Steering wheels: Polyurethan
Roller wheels: Tandem Polyurethan
Weight: Approx. 130 kg
Fork length: 1150 mm
Fork width:  170 mm
Pallet truck width: 540 mm
Stroke: 85 / 185 mm
Pivotability: 210°


Area of application

The MCI is a powerful counting indicator, which is suitable for complex counting applications.
The display is a sturdy, user-friendly device, which functions are easy and fast to understand.

Waagenanzeige mit Zählfunktion

Display and Keyboard

As data is displayed on 3 LCD displays, the operator has all the most important information available at a glance.
The adjustable backlight guarantees an optimal readability, even weith unfavorable light conditions.
An intuitive operation via the comfortable foil keypad with 22 keys allows even untrained staff an easy handling.
Via the numeric keypad it is possible to input reference quantity - piece weight. At check weighing setting limits is therefore very easy.

Thanks to the great flexibility of this device, we are able to cater to the requirements of nearly all customers. You can connect up to 2 weighing platforms. You can therefore have a counting system with two platforms, one with the reference scales and the other with the counting scales.


The indicator comes standard with several functions:
HIGH-LOW OK function, a weight-limit control (two freely selectable weight values​​, beep and display)
Zero - tare - tare manual, auto tare, gross / net
Piece Counting - The high internal resolution (1:1,000,000 parts) provides a precise determination of the piece weight.
Automatic reference weight updating - the counting indicator can continuously recalculate the piece weight thus no counting errors occur.
Summing / addition of units of up to 9,999 weighings.

Power supply

The display is powered by a wall power supply (100-240V/50-60Hz) as standard. We offer an optional integrated battery, which allows operation for up to 15 hours. The battery takes 20 hours to charge. The adjustable, automatic switch-off feature saves power and conserves the battery.

Interfaces - Communication

The weighing terminal comes with a serial RS-232 interface as standard, which permits bidirectional connection to a scanner/barcode reader, printer, PC or second display. This allows you to print a customer-specific, verifiable document that contains the Alibi number, date and time. One of our signal lamps (traffic lights) can also be controlled via this interface. These can make quality control easier from a visual perspective.

An optional, additional scale interface enables the connection of a second weighing platform.


The scale will be sent fully assembled and adjusted.

Measuring range 0 – 2500 kg   Fork length 1150 mm
Increment 0,5 kg   Fork width 170 mm
Accuracy 500 g   Pallet truck width 540 mm
Steering wheels Polyurethane   Stroke 85/200 mm
Roller wheels Tandem polyurethane   Power supply Battery and AC charger
Weight approx. 130 kg   Pivotability 210 ° 


The scale will be sent fully assembled and adjusted.

Hubwagen mit Zählanzeige 360° drehbar         

Indicator rotates 360° with stop, to read the weight from different angles.

TypeCapacity, MaxDivision, dLEgal for tradePrice €, excl. VAT
HLS-MC 2500 2500 kg 500 g not legal for trade 1495,-
HLS-MC 2500 2500 kg 200 g not legal for trade on demand
Thermo printer Thermo printer, paper width 58 mm, 20 Sign/line 300,-**
Removable battery incl. Charger 18V 3.0Ah Li - ions replacable battery incl. DC18RC Makita charger 270,-
Second replacable battery 18V 3.0Ah Li - ions replaceable battery 135,-
Adapter for rotating display 360 degrees rotation and stop to read the weight from different angles 115,-

* Incl. Tilt switch to turn off the display when obliquity > 2 degrees

** Thermal printer incl only in combination with Backup battery module. Chargers


Hubwagen mit hochwertiger Waage  bis 2500 kg Pallet truck scale
HLS-MW 2500
Pallet truck with high-quality scale
Capacity up to 2500 kg
ab €1,495.00
Hubwagen mit integrierter Waage bis 2500 kg Pallet Truck Scale
HLS 2500
Pallet truck with integrated scale
Capacity up to 2500 kg
ab €1,320.00
Halbautomatische Volumen- und Gewichtserfassung Volume measurement system
Semiautomatic volume and weight measurement of Non-Rectangular / Irregular-Shaped Items
+49 (0)5491 999 689 0
Counting scale CS Counting scale
Capacity: 6 / 15 / 30 kg
Stainless steel platform: 300 x 225 mm
€209.00 €239.00 *
Geeichter Wiegehubwagen mit Waage bis 2000 kg Pallet truck scale
HLS-D 2000
Legal for trade pallet truck with scale
Capacity up to 2000 kg
ab €1,450.00
Bodenwaaage - Zählwaage mit Waagenanzeige MCI Floor scale
Capacity: 600 / 1500 / 3000 kg
1x1m | 1,2x1,2m | 1,2x1,5m | 1,5x1,5m
ab €1,245.00
Paketwaage Versandwaage Package scale
Capacity: 100 / 150 kg
Stainless steel platform: 330 x 330 mm
Geeichter Wiegehubwagen aus Edelstahl Stainless steel pallet truck scale
HLS-D 2000 SS
Legal for trade stainless steel pallet truck
Capacity up to 2000 kg
ab €4,550.00
Volumenwaage zur Volumenmessung Made in Germany Volume scale
3D Silence
Non-contact static volume and
weighing measurement system
ab €6,500.00
Robuste Bodenwaage bis 1500 kg kaufen. Industriewaage mit großem Display. Floor scale
Capacity: 600 / 1500 / 3000 kg
1x1m | 1,2x1,2m | 1,2x1,5m | 1,5x1,5m
ab €1,245.00
Weighing set BKSB Weighing set
Easy construction of your own scale
Plattformwaage Eichfähig / Geeicht Platform scale
Capacity: 30 / 60 / 150 kg
Platform size: 420 x 520 mm
ab €640.00
Volumenmesssystem mit Waage für Stammdatenerfassung Volume measurement system
Volume measurement system VGR
+49 (0)5491 999 689 0
IBC - Waage Palett Scale
Special Size
Verifiable pallet scale - Custom size Weighing of IBC-Containers or industrial pallets CP1, CP2, CP3
Überfahrwaage geeicht bis 600 kg Roll-through Scales
Roll-through scales RSI with integrated ramps
Capacity : 300 / 600 kg
ab €1,380.00
Überfahrwaagen mir großer Anzeige Low profile floor scale
Weighing 300/600 kg
Weighing surface: 0,8x0,8m | 1x1m
ab €1,250.00
Palettenwaage preiswert kaufen Pallet Scale
Pallet scale for easy weighing
Capacity: 600 / 1500 / 3000 kg
€890.00 €999.00 *
Mobile Palettenwaagenv geeicht bis 1500 kg Pallet scaley
Legal for trade pallet scale
Capacity: 600 / 1500 / 3000 kg
ab €1,190.00
Animal Scale ETW ZA Animal Scale
Mobile Animal Scale with clodes sides
Capacity up to 300 kg |
Robuste Maschinenwaage mit großem Display Load corner
Mobile loadblock for weighing of
objects up to 40 tons per Weighing
+49 (0)5491 999 689 0
Volumenlichtgitter für berührungslose Volumenerfassung  Volume measurement system
Volume measuring frame with scales for sizing
volume and weight measurement in logistics
+49 (0)5491 999 689 0
Easy construction of your own scale
+49 (0)5491 999 689 0
Solas Container wiegen Container weighing beam
2 weighing beams with indicator
Weighing range 20 t per beam
Bodenwaage eichfähig bis 3.000 kg Heavy duty scale
Capacity: 6000 / 8000 kg
Custom size platform
+49 (0)5491 999 689 0
Preisgünstige Plattformwaage kaufen Platform Scale
Platform scale with large display
Capacity: 30 / 60 / 150 kg
ab €475.00
Plattformwaage - Zählwaage Platform scale
Legal for trade platform counting scale
Capacity: 30 / 60 / 150 kg
ab €640.00
Durchfahrwaage geeicht bis 1500 kg Roll Through Scales
Weighing range: 600 kg
Weighing platform: 1x1,5m
ab €1,640.00
Mobile Palettenwaage Geeicht als Zählwaage Pallet scale
Legal for trade pallet scale
Capacity: 600 / 1500 / 3000 kg
ab €1,190.00
Stainless steel bending beam load cell Bending Beam load cell
Capacity: 5 - 500 kg
Stainless Steel, laser-welded
Hochpräzise Tischwaage bis 30 kg Bench scale
Capacity: 6 / 15 / 30 kg
Stainless steel platform 300 x 225 mm
Horse scale PW 1500 Horse scale
PW 1500
Weighing of horses and foals
Weighing capacity : 1500 kg | Readability 1 kg
Mobiler Scherenhubtisch mit Waage Lifting table scale
manually HTW
Mobile scissor lift table
Capacity: 500 / 1000 / 1500 kg
ab €1,595.00
Hubwagen mit hochwertiger Waage  bis 2500 kg Pallet truck scale
HLS-MW 2500
Pallet truck with high-quality scale
Capacity up to 2500 kg
ab €1,495.00
Robuste Bodenwaage bis 3000 kg kaufen. Industriewaage mit großem Display. Floor Scale
Floor scale with large indicator
Capacity: 600 / 1500 / 3000 kg
ab €1,095.00
Edelstahlbodenwaage - Bodenwaage aus Edelstahl Floor scale
Stainless steel floor scale
Capacity: 600 / 1500 / 3000 kg
ab €2,295.00
Überfahrwaagen als Zählwaagen Roll-through scale
capacity : 300 / 600 kg
weighing surface: 0,8x0,8m | 1x1m
ab €1,380.00
Sackwaage - Eichfähige Kartoffelwaage geeicht Bag scales
Capacity: 60 / 150 kg
Platform size: 600 x 600 mm
ab €720.00
Durchfahrzählwaagen als Zählwaagen Roll Through Scale
Capacity: 600/1500 kg
Weighing platform: 1x1,5m
ab €1,640.00
Durchfahrwaage aud Edelstahl  - geeicht Roll Through Scales
Weighing range: 600 kg
Weighing platform: 1 x 1,5 m
+49 (0)5491 999 689 0
Edelstahlpalettenwaage - Palettenwaage aus Edelstahl Pallet scale
Pallet scale made of stainless steel
Capacity: 600 / 1500 / 3000 kg
+49 (0)5491 999 689 0
Behälterwaagen für Innen- und Außensilos Hopper scale for
indoor and outdoor silos
Wägemodule zur Behälterwiegung
Wägebereich bis 5 t pro Silofuss
+49 (0)5491 999 689 0