Product information "Animal Scale ETW ZA"

The animal scales / sorting scales are manufactured and welded entirely from aluminium. It´s easy to clean and and maintains its shape over the year. 

Low step height and slatted floor
The step height of this scale is only 50 mm. Therefore pigs can easily enter and leave the scale. Every scale is equipped with a slatted antislip floor. This avoids the collection of dirt onto the scale and it is easy to clean.

Features & Benefits

  • Robust Aluminium construction
  • Four precise load cells protected against knocks by rubber pads (each load cell loadable up to 1 t) 
  • Dimensions 1597 x 543 x 1194 mm
  • Self-supporting sides are enabling an upright passing of persons
  • Only 50 mm step height
  • Slatted anti slip floor
  • Removable, rotatable (360°) indicator with 30 mm display
  • Only one person required to weigh the pigs due tothe lever mechanism used to open the front door
  • Sorting lights with three color status indicator
  • All data (weight, date and time) can be transferred to an USB Stick 
  • Weight of scale only 48 kg
  • Two big solid rubber wheels (125 mm) for easy vertical transport
  • Animal weighing Software for exact weighing even of restless pigs
  • Integrated rechargeable battery
  • Pen and spray can holder


The 30mm high digits are backlit and clearly readable from every angle.High-quality, laser-welded load cells (each with a capacity of 1,000 kg) ensure accurate measuring results. They are safe against overload.

Optional data storage

All recorded weights can be stored in the indicator with date and time and can be transferred to an USB-Stick. The data can be archived and evaluated on any Windows PC with help of the included software.


Product-group: Agricultural scale, Animal scale, Medical scale
Requirements | Area of application: Agriculture, Medicine