Product information "Bag-Weigher Platform scale IPS-WT"

The high-precision, digital potato scale IPS-MWI-T was specially developed for daily use in the trade. The stainless steel backrest allows for safe placement of bagged goods. Whether small or large sacks, thanks to the removable scale display, weighing within the nominal load is child's play.
The combination of the weighing platform with the simple scale display is intended for simple weighing applications in the legal-for-trade range. Intuitive operation is via the convenient keypad, making it easy to use even for inexperienced personnel. A tare weight (known weight from the roll container) can be entered via the numeric keypad so that the scale then displays the net weight.
Verified, the IPS-W also functions as a dual-range scale with two automatically changing weighing ranges.
Due to the light construction and the optionally available transport trolley, the platform scale can also be used as a mobile scale.

Count on BOSCHE quality Made in Germany.


  • Verifiable according to accuracy class III
  • Stainless steel platform 420 x 520 mm
  • 800 mm high display stand
  • Capacity: 30 kg / 60 kg / 150 kg
  • High-precision measurement technology - C4 load Cell
  • Maintenance and wear-free version of the weighing technology
  • Universal multi-function indicator MWI in aluminium housing with adjustable backlight
  • Illuminated 60 mm LCD Display with 50 mm digit height
  • Alibi memory with time and date
  • Very simple, user-friendly operation


Non-verifiable: Weighing range, Max Readability, d Verification value, e Verification value, e* Platform size Scale display
IPS WT 30 30 kg 5 g  10 g 5 / 10 g* 420 x 520 mm MWI-T
IPS WT 60 60 kg 10 g  20 g 10 / 20 g* 420 x 520 mm
IPS WT 150 150 kg 20 g  50 g 20 / 50 g* 420 x 520 mm
Stand Stainless steel stand for raising the scale display
2 nd Data interface RS 232 Interface for serial data transmission of measurement data to printer, PC etc.
E 50 Verification costs up to 50 kg
E 350 Verification costs up to 350 kg
EZ 50* Verification costs up to 50 kg as dual-range scale
EZ 350* Verification costs up to 350 kg as dual-range scale


The four rubber feet ensure a safe and stable placement of the potato scale.
Adjustable load feet and the spirit level help to align the scale.
Immediately after setting up the scale, it can be put into operation.
Optionally, the platform scale can be equipped with a transport trolley.

Weighing technology

The platform is made ​​of stainless steel with a sturdy substructure made of high quality aluminum die casting. The force is applied directly in a high quality strain gauge load cell . The display device MWI with large 60 mm display is responsible for the clear weight determination and summing the weighing results. The tare is executed over the entire measurement range.

Dual range

The weighing range [Max] of dual range scales are divided in 2 sections and start in a smaller weighing range with a more accurate readability [d]. By exceeding the first weighing range, the scale switches automatically to a bigger weighing range with a coarser readability.

Power supply and interfaces

The platform scale is supplied as standard for mains operation (mains plug included). The optionally available rechargeable battery allows for power-independent weighing.
The serial RS 232 data interface allows bidirectional data transfer of the weight data to a PC, printer or second display.
Transmission cable, external second display or printer are available as accessories.


The weighing plate is made of stainless steel with a robust substructure of high-quality die-cast aluminium. The force is applied directly to a high-quality strain gauge load cell.
Bag scale attachment for weighing bagged goods. The increased load capacity and rigidity prolong the life of the potato scale.
The scale platform is connected to the indicator with a 1.8 m cable.
The indicator is supplied with a display stand. Table mounting or wall mounting (with optional wall bracket) is also possible.

Platform size:  420 x 520 mm. We can also manufacture custom platform sizes upon request.
Capacity: For loads of 30 kg / 60 kg / 150 kg as standard. Special scales with a different capacity or larger platforms are available upon request. A bag scales attachment and transport trolley are also available.




Product-group: Agricultural scale, Platform scale
Requirements | Area of application: Industry, Trade and retail, Agriculture

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Accessory Items

ISO calibration certificate

The calibration of the balance is carried out and documented by us with certified weights.The audit log will receive a confirmation of the accuracy of your test equipment , as required by the ISO 9001 and other quality management systems.

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