Product information "DAkkS M1/M2/M3 calibration certificate"

A DAkkS M1/M2/M3 calibration certificate is an indispensable document for companies that need to ensure the highest precision and reliability of their measuring instruments. Through accreditation according to DAkkS standards, this calibration certificate offers a guarantee for the quality and traceability of the measurements, which supports both internal quality assurance and compliance with external regulations.

DAkkS accreditation

  • The calibration certificate is issued by a laboratory accredited by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS).
  • This ensures that the calibration is carried out according to nationally and internationally recognized standards.

Measuring ranges M1, M2, M3:

  • M1: High-precision measurements for sensitive applications.
  • M2: Standard measurements for general industrial applications.
  • M3: More robust measurements for demanding industrial environments.


  • The measurement results are traceable to national standards, which ensures the comparability and reliability of the measurement results.
  • This is particularly important for quality assurance in production and testing processes.

Detailed calibration information:

  • The calibration certificate contains detailed information about the measuring device, the procedures used and the measurement results achieved.
  • It documents the deviations of the device from the target values ​​as well as the uncertainties of the Measurements.
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