Product information "F2 Weight Set Stainless steel in Alu Case"

Fine weights of the F2 class are suitable as adjusting, test and calibration weights for precision scales (class II) and for quality assurance according to DIN EN ISO 9001ff for scales with a graduation < 100 000. These weights are used for calibration and verification of weights of classes M1 - M3. They are also suitable as load bodies for simulating the most accurate tensile or compressive forces.
The weights are housed in high-quality padded aluminium boxes. The milligram weights are clearly arranged in separate recesses, with labelled lids. For optimal handling of your weights, you will find the appropriate aids in the gravical weight sets. Included are, for example, suitable tweezers, weight handles, gloves and dust brushes.

Features F2 weight set

  • OIML class: F2
  • complies with Directive R111:2004 for weights
  • Nominal value: 1 mg - 10,000 g
  • Metrological weight sets with plate weights up to 500 mg
  • Material: Polished stainless steel with compensation chamber
  • Design: Knob shape with compensation chamber
  • Container: Aluminium case
  • Optional: DAkkS test certificate

Price list - F2 stainless steel weight sets

For a weight to be considered ISO 9000ff-compliant test equipment, its accuracy must be proven. This is possible with a suitable DAkkS calibration certificate, which you can order from us.

Weight value  F2 Art.-Nr.
1 mg - 100 g f2_koffer_100g_offen_bosche_0299-kopie 171-200-00-29
1 mg - 200 g f2_koffer_200g_offen_f2_200gr-kopie 171-200-00-30
1 mg - 500 g f2_koffer_500g_offen_f2_500gr-kopie  171-200-00-31
1 mg - 1 kg f2_koffer_1kg_offen_bosche_0244-kopie  171-200-00-32
1 mg - 2 kg f2_koffer_2kg_offen_bosche_0224-kopie  171-200-00-33
1 mg - 5 kg f2_koffer_5kg_offen_bosche_0179-kopie  171-200-00-34
1 kg - 5 kg f2_koffer_6kg_offen_bosche_0196-kopie  171-200-00-36
1 mg - 10 kg  f2_koffer_10kg_offen_bosche_0141-kopie  171-200-00-35

Denomination of weight sets with miligram weights
Gewichtssatz Tebelle Übersicht

Material: Stainless Steel