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The floor scales of the BOSCHE FSB range are ideally suited for use in harsh industrial environments. FSB MC is a powerful floor-counting scale, which is suitable for complex counting applications. The FSB MC floor scale is a precise counting scale for fast counting of parts with equal weight. You can determine unknown quantities, check known quantities and commission. Three displays for weight, piece weight and quantity show you all the information at a glance. The combination of the weighing platform with the high-quality Display MCI is provided for complex counting tasks, with or without calibration. Operation of the device via the membrane keypad is intuitive and easy to learn – even for untrained staff. Due to their solid construction, floor scales are intended for stationary use.t.

Count on BOSCHE quality: Made in Germany.


  • Legal for trade according to accuracy class III
  • Extra sturdy construction (only 80 mm high)
  • Weighing bridge made of powder-coated channelled sheet steel, with ramps (optional)
  • Capacity: 600 kg / 1500 kg / 3000 kg
  • Standard sizes:
    1000 x 1000 mm / 1200 x 1200 mm
    1200 x 1500 mm / 1500 x 1500 mm
  • Four laser-welded stainless steel load cells, IP 68
  • MCI counting display in a plastic housing with adjustable background lightning



The scales can be easily assembled or transported using the eye bolts supplied.
There are 3 installation options:

1.On-floor installation: Suitable for companies that use forklift trucks. A base frame set is compulsory for verified scales in accordance with the Weights and Measures Act.
2.On-floor installation with ramps: Suitable for companies that use pallet trucks. You can use one ramp for access on to the scales or two for access on and off the other side.
3.In-floor installation: Suitable for companies that use both forklift trucks and pallet trucks. With this installation option, the scales platform is installed in the floor using a pit frame. A drawing can be supplied for these pit scales.

ATTENTION: For calibrated floor scales, the weighing bridge must be fixed to the floor. Optionally because of ramps or footplate set. 

Weighing technology - functions

The platforms are fitted with four high-quality DMS load cells.
The counting display MCI is equipped with three illuminated displays for weight, piece weight and quantity.
Numerical keypad for setpoint value input (piece weight, quantity, tare).

Power supply and interfaces

The floor scale is supplied as standard for mains operation (mains plug included). The optionally available rechargeable battery pack allows for power-independent weighing.
The serial RS 232 data interface allows bidirectional data transfer of the weight data to PC, printer or second display. Transmission cable, external secondary display (suitable for open sales points) or printer are available as accessories.

The weighbridge is made of powder coated steel. For safety reasons, this weighbridge has been "oversized" so that it has increased load capacity and rigidity because of its extremely robust construction. This greatly reduces any possible deflection and significantly extends the life of the floor scale.
The scale platform is connected to the scale display via an M12 industrial connector with a 5 m long (length is variable) scale cable.
The scale display can be disconnected from the platform even with verified scales. This saves costs when replacing a damaged cable, as recalibration is not necessary.
The indicator can be wall mounted with a bracket or optionally supplied with a stand.

Platform size

Floor scales from the Bosche range are available in different platform sizes and weighing capacities.
Standard sizes are 1 x 1m, 1.2 x 1.2 m, 1.2 x 1.5 m, 1.5 x 1.5 m.
A platform size made individually according to customer requirements is also possible.

Weighing range

Up to 3000 kg as standard. Special scales with a weighing range up to 6 tons or a larger platform are available on request.

Installation example: Combination of ramp, overrun protection and collision protection protect the scale from damage.  



E 1500 Verification costs for a scale up to 1,500 kg. 
E 6000 Verification costs for a scale up to 6,000 kg. 

Base plate sets for floor mounting (set of 2) *.
*For verified scales, the weighbridge must be fixed to the floor. This is essential for reproducibility of measurement results. Optional by two ramps or two footplates or combination of both.

 Drive-up ramp10 for floor scale FSB 1010 1000 x   760 mm
Drive-up ramp 12 for floor scale FSB 1212 und FSB 1215 1200 x   760 mm
Drive-up ramp 15 for floor scale FSB 1515 und FSB 1215 1500 x   760 mm
Pit frame 1010 1000 x 1000 mm
Pit frame 1212 1200 x 1200 mm
Pit frame 1215 1200 x 1500 mm
Pit frame 1515 1500 x 1500 mm
Bumper Guard

Damage to the scale (e.g. accidental driving over with a forklift) can be prevented by using a collision guard. The installation of the impact guards is simple:
- Positioning of the impact protection next to the platform (the platform must not be touched).
- Marking for drilling the holes
- drill the holes and fix the bumper with anchor bolts
- ready.

Combination of ramp, overrun protection and collision protection Bodenwaage_Sonderkonstruktion_beschriftet
Underframe with pendulum

Customized base with patented pendulum device. Ideal when using ants

Stand Robust designer stand with adjustable display holder
Signal light  
Battery Internal battery with up to 15 hours operating time

Technical data




FSB 1010 1000 760 1000 85 1014 1014
FSB 1212 1200 760 1200 85 1214 1214
FSB 1215 1200 760 1500 85 1514 1214
FSB 1515 1500 760 1500 85 1514 1514

All specifications in mm | Subject to technical changes


pit frame for floor-level installatioStable n of the floor scale for barrier-free access


FSB 1010 1120 1020 1120 1020
FSB 1212 1320 1220 1320 1220
FSB 1215 1320 1220 1620 1520
FSB 1515 1620 1520 1620 1520
Number of load cells: for 4 load cells
Product-group: Counting scale, Floor scale
Protection class according to (DIN 40.050 / EN 60529): IP 68
Requirements | Area of application: Industry
Weight Indicator: GTC-T counter display in aluminum housing, MCI-T Counting indicator in aluminum housing - calibratable
Material: Steel, powder-coated
Readability [d]: 100 g, 200 g, 500 g, 1000 g
Verifiable: No, Yes
Weighing surface: 1000 x 1000 mm, 1200 x 1200 mm, 1200 x 1500 mm, 1500 x 1500 mm, 1500 x 2000 mm


The MCI is a powerful counting scale display which is suitable for complex weighing applications.
The display is a robust, user-friendly device whose functions are simple and are quick to understand.

Waagenanzeige MWI Für Zählwaagen

Display and keyboard

With the three LCD displays: number of pieces - weight of pieces - weight value, you can see everything clearly at a glance.
The adjustable backlight guarantees optimal readability even in poor lighting conditions.  
Intuitive operation takes place via the comfortable membrane keyboard with 22 keys and enables easy handling even by inexperienced personnel.
via the numeric keyboard  is an input of reference quantity – Unit weight is possible. Even for check weighing, setting limit values is very easy.
The keys with a noticeable pressure point provide security when operating. The tare weight can be entered via the numerical keyboard , limit values for check weighing or reference number of pieces / piece weight possible.
Calibration and function settings are carried out simply using the keyboard.


Weight limit control (two freely selectable weight values, signal tone and display).
Setting a target number of pieces and tolerance values. Classification with traffic light function is also possible.
Variable reference number of pieces with reference optimization for even more precise counting.
Automatic reference weight update - the counting display can display the piece ;Continuously recalculate the tare weight so that there are no counting errors.
Zero - tare functions – manual tare, auto tare, gross / net.
Counting – The high internal resolution (1:1,000,000 parts) ensures precise determination of the piece weight.
Summation/addition of quantities of up to 9,999 weighings.

Power supply

The display for mains operation is supplied as standard (mains plug included). The optionally available rechargeable battery enables power-independent weighing.
The optional 1.3 Ah battery ensures absolute mobility with up to 15 hours of mains-free operation, although the device can also easily work in mains operation for stationary use.
The appropriate plug-in power supply is standard included in delivery.


The RS 232 data interface allows bidirectional data transport of weight data to a PC, printer or Secondary display.
Freely configurable print formats of the weights.
Alibi memory for calibratable storage of the weighing data
Transmission cable, external Secondary display (suitable for open points of sale) or printer  are available as accessories.

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Barrel Scale FMW
Capacity: 300 / 600 kg
Platform size: 640 x 617 mm

Accessory Items

Access ramp for floor scales

Overfloor mounting with ramps

Suitable for companies with pallet truck operations. You can use one ramp for access on to the scales or two for access on and off the other side.


Fuß Stahl, pulverbeschichtet, schwarz

Aufstellmaße: 48 x 44 cm, Höhe ca. 85 cm

Erhältlich in 2 Ausführungen:

  • Stativrohr Aluminium: Aufnahme GTW, GTC, GTE, MWI, EWI, MCI usw.
  • Stativrohr Edelstahl, Aufnahme BWI, TWI
Bumper guard for floor scales

Damage to floor scales, e.g. due to a forklift truck accidentally driving over the scales, can easily be prevented via this bumper guard.

The installation of the protection strips is simple:

  1. Position the shock protection next to the platform (the platform must not be touched)
  2. Mark up the holes for drilling
  3. Drill the holes and fasten the bumper guard with anchoring bolts