Product information "Hopper scale for indoor and outdoor silos"

Bosche silo scales for indoor and outdoor silos are supplied as a complete weighing systems for mounting on silos, tankers and hoppers. The consists of one load cell with load introduction per silo foot and a scale indicator. The load cells only need to be connected via the supplied junction box with the indicator. Because the silo scale is calibrated at the factory it is ready for use immediately after installation. With the optional software Silomon up to 10 scales can be connected directly or wirelessly to a PC.

NOTE on the hopper scale
When selecting and planning the hopper scale, it is important to define all scale components (weighing module according to number and weight as well as evaluation and display unit) and to select them accordingly.

How do I plan a hopper scale?


  1. How many feet does the container or silo have?
  2. What is the total weight?
  3. How do I want to evaluate the measurement result?
  4. Do I need a display on the container or silo?
  5. Can I also use the scale electronics for filling?


  1. Select the number of feet from the drop-down menu above.
  2. Determine the total weight (medium and dead weight of the silo).
  3. Process signal with a PLC - weighing controller WTS, WTB, CSW.
  4. Only displays can be used with the BOSCHE scale display CSS.
  5. Yes, the CSW weighing controller offers free programming here for simple dosing, mixing and filling applications.


  • Tank / Hopper Weighing Load Cell Kit
  • Overload protection for long life
  • For tanks with up to 500 kg per foot
  • Robust and overload protection
  • For tanks with up to 10 feet
  • Matching mounting modules for various types of containers

Scope of delivery

  • Weighing module (Selected number)
  • Display / evaluation unit (As selected)
  • Terminal box JBB-04 or JBS-06 (Depending on number of feet)
  • Connection cable 5 metres (From terminal box to evaluation unit / display)
  • Factory calibration


The weighing modules do not provide anti-tip or similar protection of the structure. It is the task of the designer or installer to plan the construction, that influences such as Side wind, vibration, shock, etc. will not compromise the design  of the structure.



Technical data

Scale display CSS Weighing controller CSW Weighing transmitter WTB Weighing transmitter WTS
The CSS is a robust, compact scale indicator suitable for simple weighing applications. Combined with the right weighing bridge, this scale display can cover an enormously wide weighing range. The high flexibility enables us to react to almost all customer requirements with one device.. The CSW weighing terminal is ideal for simple and complex filling and dosing applications. For example, for silo weighing, container weighing or dosing weighing. The WTB is a calibratable digital measuring amplifier with analogue output, Ethernet and many field buses. This highly accurate digital weight transmitter with 24 bit A/D converter converts the output signals of the connected load cells into a stable weight value. This versatile and highly reliable weight transmitter gives fast and accurate weight values.


The WTS is a versatile digital strain gauge measurement amplifier for fast reproduction of accurate weight values. This weight transmitter converts (with a 24-bit A/D converter) the output signals of the connected load cells into a stable weight value. The WTS weight transmitter is a low-cost solution for common weighing standard tasks.

Product-group: Agricultural scale
Requirements | Area of application: Agriculture


Weighing terminal PMW
Multi-function weighing indicators
for panel mounting
Weighing controller CSW
Weighing terminal
for filling and dispensing apps
Indicator CSS
Indicators in robust aluminum housing
ideal for silo scales