Product information "Indicator BWI"

The BWI is a favorable indicator, which is suitable for simple , not legal for trade weighing applications. The display is a robust, user-friendly device, its functions are easy and quick to understand.
The indicator provides simple operation with a minimum of buttons to be pressed.
Combined with the right load cells, this high-performance weighing terminal cover a wide weight range. Whether floor scales, platform scales or animal scales with special software. You tell us what you want to weigh, and we have the solution for it.

There are three device versions available:
BWI - the display is housed in a robust plastic housing with protection class IP 54.
TWI - the indicator is housed in a large plastic housing with protection class IP 54.
TWI-SST - the indicator is housed in a stainless steel housing with protection class IP 65.
Operation is via a moisture-resistant keyboard with 7 function keys. The large buttons have a tactile feedback and provide a safety when operating.
The large 50 mm display with 6 high contrast digits and status symbols is very readable even from a distance.
In low light conditions, an LED backlight ensures easy reading. The backlight can be adjusted via a menu.


Operation of the device via the membrane keypad is intuitive and easy to learn – even for untrained staff.
The calibration and function setting is done easy via the keypad.


HIGH-OK-LOW, Animal weighing function, Tare, summation / addition of weights

Power supply

By default, the indicator is powered via an AC adapter (100-240V/50-60Hz) or the internal battery. The optional 1.3 Ah battery pack provides with up to 30 hours of mains-free operation, absolute mobility, in which the device for stationary use can easy operate in network operation. The plug-in mains adapter is included as standard in delivery.


We deliver the device fully calibrated and pre-wired with our load cells upon request. Your scales therefore arrive ready for immediate use.


  • Illuminated 50 mm LCD Display with 50 mm digit height
  • TWI quality plastic housing; TWI SST-quality stainless steel housing, IP65.
  • Basic functions: Tare, zero, gross/net
  • Special program for animal weighing
  • Memory for number of weighing operations and the resulting total weight
  • HIGH-LOW-GO function
  • Extremely simple, user-friendly operation
  • Can be mounted as a stand or table top device
  • Internal battery for up to 30 hours of operation
  • Ideally suited for any platform and hopper scales
Product-group: Weighing indicator


51 mm LCD remote display with backlight









Internal battery

6V 1,3Ah

Numeric weight indicator


Battery life

Up to 35 hours after full charge

Status symbols

Battery warning, charging status, zero, tare, memory status

Operating temperature

 0°C to +40°C


To a point displaced


85% RH max., non-condensing


Membrane keypad with tactile feedback, 7 buttons


3 versions

Measuring range


Number of load cells

8 load cells a 350 ohm

Measuring rate

10 measurements per second

Load cell connection

4-wire technology


1/100.000 internally, 1/15.000 indicator

Cable length

Max. 50 m

Mains connection

9...12V DC, 500 mA (AC adapter)



Fuß Stahl, pulverbeschichtet, schwarz

Aufstellmaße: 48 x 44 cm, Höhe ca. 85 cm

Erhältlich in 2 Ausführungen:

  • Stativrohr Aluminium: Aufnahme GTW, GTC, GTE, MWI, EWI, MCI usw.
  • Stativrohr Edelstahl, Aufnahme BWI, TWI

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