Product information "Load Cell Tester LCT"

The load cell tester LCT is an important tool for service technicians and users of load cells. Damage to load cells can have many causes: Overload, over voltage, moisture ingress, chemicals, vibration, corrosion, broken cable, etc.

Resulting typical scale errors are unstable readings, erroneous measurements, zero drift, non-linear behavior, etc. 
The  load cell tester LCT is a useful measurement tool to locate the major mistake on the site or in the workshop. The load cell tester provides the user with all the essential data of the tested load cell: in bridge resistance and signal integrity, physical signal distortion (eg due to overloading , impact or fatigue). He also checks the insulation resistance may indicate moisture or entry of chemical substances. The LCT is suitable for all 4-wire and 6-wire analogue load cells with input resistance to 5 kOhm. He is particularly well suited to localize errors in weighing systems locally by its small size and battery operation.


  • Quick testing of strain gauge load cells and scales
  • Determination of the load distribution in multiple load cell scales
  • Testing for linearity and reproducibility by continuous measurement process
  • Very user- friendly interface , complete test within 5 s
  • 2- line alphanumeric display with 16 characters
  • Rugged ABS plastic housing
  • 8- pin connector with Kabelan - connection by screw (included )
  • Uses standard batteries 4 x AA (not included)
  • Dimensions: 150 mm x 80 mm x 28 mm
  • Weight: 250 g

Technical Details

  • Testing of the measuring bridge with 1.25 V DC and 10 V DC insulation test with
  • Measurement of input and output resistance : Up to 5 ohms at 0.5 ± 0.5 Ω Ω resolution and accuracy
  • 16 -bit A / D converter
  • Sense - Resistance ( for 6-wire WZ) : Up to 500 Ω at 0.1 Ω resolution
  • Insulation resistance: Up to 5 Gohms with 10% accuracy (min > 10 M ).
  • The load cell signal relative to LC - Rated load: ± 250% at 0.01 % resolution and 0.1% accuracy ( input resistance > 175 Ω )
  • Input - sensitivity : 0.1 ... 5 mV / V in steps of 0.01
Product-group: Accessoire