Product information "M3 commercial weight set, knob shape, lacquered cast iron"

Set of commercial weights / cast weights in button form made of lacquered cast iron and stainless steel.

These weights of accuracy class M3 are suitable as test instruments for commercial scales (class III).
Further application of the weights is as counterweight of beam scales.
They are also suitable for quality assurance according to DIN EN ISO 9001 for scales with a number of steps < 3 000.
The weights can also be used as learning aids for schools.


Features M3 weight set commercial weights

  • OIML class: M3
  • Nominal value: 1 g' 1 kg; ,1 g' 2kg, 1 g' 5 kg, 1 g' 10 kg
  • Set of weights with plate weights up to 500 mg
  • Material: 100g ~ 10 kg cast iron / 1 g ~ 50 g stainless steel
  • Design: cylinder / button shape
  • Storage: Wooden block up to 1 kg
  • Optional: DAkkS calibration certificate
Nominal value

1 g ~ 2 kg handelslgewichte-klasse-m3-1-g-2-kg
1 g ~ 5 kg handelslgewichte-klasse-m3-1-g-5-kg
1 g ~ 10 kg handelslgewichte-klasse-m3-1-g-10-kg
Material: Cast iron, powder-coated