Product information "Macro spring force gauge from 50N to 500N"

Spring force gauges are used in the laboratory, for weighing on site or for teaching purposes. Spring force gauges are characterized by very high precision: maximum deviation ± 0.3% of the suspended load. They have a taring range of 20% of the maximum weighing range and are available in Newton (N).
A hook serves as a load-bearing device. The mechanical spring force gauge is also ideal for demonstration purposes. It measures the extension of a coil spring in combination with a spring force gauge. The spring scale determines the mass using the weight of the measuring object and displays this on a scale in Newtons.
The force gauge for mechanical force measurement has a robust quality spring and guarantees a long service life
The precision spring scales have a robust housing made of aluminum tube with a colored anodized, abrasion-free, high-resolution scale. Integrated recoil damping is particularly important for tensile samples up to a maximum of 30 kg.
They are ideal for determining weight in the laboratory, at school and for other weighing applications.
Always ready for mobile use as no batteries are required.
The spring scale can be quickly converted from the measuring function for tensile force to a device for measuring compressive force. All you need is the compression force conversion kit.

Features of the spring force gauge

  • Cylindrical spring force gauge
  • Load-carrying device: hook
  • Easy to use
  • Mechanical, robust, durable thanks to fatigue-free stainless steel spring
  • Accuracy +0.3% of the load
  • Taring range 20%
  • Quality in material and shape
  • Perfect adjustability
  • Packaging: telescopic protective tube
  • All components made of corrosion-free materials
  • Light, precise, robust "made in Switzerland"

Versions of spring force gauges

Type Weighing range, 
Recording Color
Medio 300M 300 g 2 g federwaage_klammer_5919525a8ab3d Gray
Medio 600M 600 g 5 g Purple
Medio 1000M 1,000 g 10 g Blue
Medio 2500M 2,500 g 20 g federwaage_haken Red
Medio 3000M 3,000 g 20 g Federwaage_Haken Green
Pressure set Using this conversion kit, you can also use the spring scales to measure pressure. measure
Drag indicator  

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x spring scale with clip in a transparent designer case


pes_medioline_a4-2591af1569321a 1  The rotating bracket enables optimal readability of the scale.
2  Zero point and tare setting screw with precise ratchet prevents accidental adjustment.
     Tare range of 20% of capacity possible.
3  Integrated kickback damping
4  Seal-free spring bearing with high-precision adjustment with fatigue-free stainless steel spring.
5 pointer cams with precise lines on the scale ensure error-free readings
Secured overload up to 5,000 g.
6 ... Abrasion-free, color-anodized precision scale with high resolution on aluminum tube.
7  Drag indicator optionally available 
8  Boor suspension can be easily replaced with other accessories thanks to the clip eyelet.
9  Optional: Pressure set with pressure rod and screw-on tip and radial handle

Dimensions of the spring scale


Type Weighing range Own weight
S Lo Lm Lp d (Ø) Color
Medio 300M 300 g 32 g / 47 g 100 mm  220 mm 320 mm 300 mm 12 mm Gray
Medio 600M 600 g 33 g / 48 g 100 mm 220 mm 320 mm 300 mm 12 mm Red
Medio 1000M 1000 g 36 g / 50 g 100 mm 220 mm 320 mm 300 mm 12 mm Purple
Medio 2500M 2500 g 38 g / 52 g 100 mm 220 mm 325 mm 300 mm 12 mm Green

Conversion to a compression force gauge in 20 seconds

Using the easily adaptable conversion set, you can also measure compression force with the spring scales.

  Pull off the bracket with the ring to the side. Equip the pressure rod with the tip as desired (M2 thread). Insert the pressure rod into the scale and screw it in well.
Insert the hook screw into the cover, put the plastic handle over it and tighten it with the M4 nut. The hook screw without the plastic tube is used for fastening in machines, etc. If only pressure is used, pull the lower suspension off to the side. Measurement: The pressure rod must always be at a right angle to the measuring surface.
Product-group: Spring scale
Requirements | Area of application: Laboratory and research

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