Product information "Pallet scale ASP-SST"

The BOSCHE - Pallet Scales of the ASP SST series made of stainless steel are equipped with hermetically sealed IP65 stainless steel load cells. These ensure a long service life, reliability and resistance to many years of daily stress in harsh industrial environments. Compared to painted models that can lose their paint layer and rust in constant use, the steel frame is wear-and corrosion-free. The electronics of indicator in stainless steel housing is protected according to IP65 against dust and water jets, so the balance can be left out in the rain sometimes. Due to the low weight, a pallet scale is the ideal solution for quick and easy weighing at different locations. To make it easier to transport the lightweight 40 kg verifiable pallet scales, the U-frame is fitted with a handle and two roller wheels. To weigh pallets on the scales, it is not necessary to remove the pallet truck or the forklift truck forks from the pallet. Simply lower the stacked material and place it on the U-structure. These pallet scales are developed so that Euro pallets fit exactly on the frame of the pallet scales and can be weighed. The combination of the weighing platform of the indicator TWI-SST is designed for simple weighing applications in verifiable and non-verifiable area. Due to their light construction, pallet scales are intended for mobile use. 

Count on BOSCHE quality Made in Germany.


  • Verifiable according to accuracy class III
  • Weighing frame made of powder-coated steel
  • Flat construction (75 mm high) for easy loading
  • Capacity: 600 kg / 1500 kg / 3000 kg
  • U-frame 1200 x 800 mm for weighing of Euro-pallets
  • Four laser-welded stainless steel load cells, IP 68
  • Indicator in a steinless steel housing with adjustable backlight
  • Includes lift handle and transport wheels
  • Low weight ( 40 kg) allows a quick change of location
  • Heavy-duty Harting industrial plug
  • Installed industrial plug protected


Type  Weighing range, Max Readability, d Display
ASP 0600 SST  600 kg 100 g TWI SST
ASP 1500 SST 1500 kg 200 g TWI SST
ASP 3000 SST 3000 kg 500 g TWI SST


Verifiable  Weighing range, Max Verification value, e Display
ASP 0600 SWE  600 kg 200 g MWI-A
ASP 1500 SWE 1500 kg 500 g MWI-A
ASP 3000 SWE 3000 kg  1000 g MWI-A
Stainless steel stand Robust designer stand with insertable display holder  
Insert tray                                up to 300 kg  

Installation of the stainless steel pallet scale

The mobile pallet scales can be wheeled easily from one location to another. Through the four adjustable feet and the built-in spirit level, the pallet scales can be set up easily at various locations.


The U shape of the verifiable pallet scale allows an easy placement of the EU pallets by driving directly the pallet with the pallet truck between each fork and placed on the spars of the pallet scale.




The weighing bridge in U-shape has a stainless steel construction. The high strength of the tubular frame allows the scale to carry a max. payload of 3 tonnes. As with all Bosche scales, all cables and load cells are protected within the frame. The scale platform is connected to the TWI SST indicator with a 5 m long (length is variable) steel-sheathed cable. The indicator can be wall-mounted with a bracket or optionally supplied with a stand.

Platform size: Outer dimension: 1315 x 800 mm (incl. transport rollers), inner dimension: 1200 x 600 mm. A frame size made individually according to customer requirements is also possible.
Weighing range: 600 kg / 1,500 kg / 3,000 kg as standard.



Drawing Pallet scale

Height: 75 mm
Installation options: Above ground
Leveling: Höhenverstellbare Füße, Libelle
Product-group: Pallet scale, Stainless steel scale
Requirements | Area of application: Industry, Logistics and shipping
Verbindung: Robuster Industriestecker
Waagenkabel: Hochwertiges, geschirmtes Waagenkabel
Weighing technology: Four laser-welded load cells made of tool steel (IP 68)
Wägebereich: 1.500 kg, 3.000 kg, 600 kg
Functions | Special features: Large LC display
Material: Stainless Steel