Product information "Platform - Load Cell H62N"

The H62N are single-point load cells with parallel exported, centered bending eye made of stainless steel.
The fully welded, hermetically sealed stainless steel construction predestined this load cell for use in harsh and wet environments (chemical industry, food industry, etc).
By default, the H62N load cells are tested sensitivity to corner load and optimized. This results will be no measurement error when the platform is charged only at a corner. 
The load cell is calibrated to 3000D (optional 4000D) to OIML R60 and is also in increased accuracy (Y=25,000) to buy.
This increased Y value allows the construction of two range scales.
The load cell is laser-welded and meets the requirements of protection class IP68.

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Area of application

Scales in the food indutry, bench scales, checkweighers in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as belt, monorail, batching and packaging machines.


  • Material: stainless steel
  • capacity: 10 kg - 200 kg
  • Accuracy class C3, Y = 12.500 (optional 25.000)
  • Certifiable according to OIML R60 300D or 4000D
  • Construction: The measuring element is laser welded, protection class: IP68
  • Compensated corner load failure
  • Max. Platform size: 350 x 350  (10~20 kg) / 500 x 500  (50 kg) / 600 x 600  (100~200 kg)
  • Particulary robust for heavy duty applications in the industrial sector
  • Compatible with other manufactures


The large monting surfaces and four threaded holes front and rear provide ideal conditions for the smooth construction of a scale with large platform dimensions.
Using the two mounting surfaces above the front or rear and bottom of the cable exit two steel or aluminium plates up to 600 x 600 mm are screwed.


Construction with nominal loads 20 kg and 50 kg


Construction with nominal loads 100 kg and 200 kg


All specifications in mm | Subject to technical changes


Cable assignment


6-conductor technology

Breaking load (Ed): 300 % of emax
Cable length: 6 m
Input resistance (RLC) at reference temperature: 1100 ± 50 Ω
Insulation resistance: >5.000 MΩ
Kennwert vom relativen Mindestteilungswert d. WZ (Y = Emax / vmin): 12.500 (optional 25.000)
Limit load (EL): 200 % of Emax
Material: Stainless steel
Maximum permitted supply voltage (BU): 15 V
Minimum preload (Emin): 0
Nominal load (Emax): 10 kg, 20 kg, 50 kg, 100 kg, 200 kg
Nominal temperature range (BT): - 10 ... + 40 °C
Nominal value (Cn): 2,0 mV/V
Number of division values (nLC): 3000 (4000)
Output resistance (RO) at reference temperature: 960 ± 50 Ω
Product-group: Load cell
Protection class according to (DIN 40.050 / EN 60529): IP 68
Recommended supply voltage (Uref): 5 - 15 V
Zero adjustment: ± 3 % v. Cn
Accuracy class: C3 oder C4 (nach OIML R 60)