Product information "Remote Display Indoor RD095"

In areas where good legibility at a distance is essential, the new RD 095 remote and large-scale display by BOSCHE is in its element. It’s ideal for instance as a truck scale or for use as a secondary display in industry. Bright Osram LEDs with a 95 mm digit height ensure that measurement results are depicted clearly The digit width is 55 mm and each segment has 56 LEDs. In addition, a brightness sensor automatically adjusts them to the light conditions. The robust housing made of powder-coated aluminium with is therefor suitable for indoor use. The RD 095 is controlled via an RS232 or RS485 interface with a data transfer rate of 9600 bps. 
The communications log is customisable and therefore compatible with a large number of devices. The low mounting depth of 30 mm and variable hanging using wall hooks are very convenient for installation purposes.


  • Large 6-digit display with ultrabright OSRAM LED‘s
  • Long Life OSRAM LED‘s with wide viewing angle
  • Digit Height: 95 mm • Digit width 55 mm (Each segment has 56 LEDs)
  • Four status indicators: Gross / Net / Unstable / Stable
  • Built in lights: Red / Green
  • Brightness Sensor: Automatically adjusts the display to the light conditions
  • Robust housing made of powder coated aluminium
  • Flat construction with 30 mm depth
  • Controlled via an RS232 or RS485-interface
  • Data transfer rate: 9600 bps
  • Data plug: M12, 7 pin, attached directly to the display housing
  • Adaptable communication protocol
  • Operating temperature -10°C bis +40°C
  • Power supply: 12 v
  • Dimensions: (B x H x T) 732 x 150 x 30 mm 


Type Description
RD 095  Large display with 95 mm digits



Product-group: Weighing indicator

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