Product information "Spring scales from 10g to 1000g"

The spring scale is a measuring device that uses the linear extension of a coil spring to measure weight. The measured elongation is then displayed on a scale in grams proportional to the weight.
With a transparent scale tube and long double scales with high resolution, it is ideal for weighing in the laboratory, in schools (educational institutions) and for other weighing applications.
The ultra-light and handy spring scales offered are characterized by very high accuracy. The precision scale has a high resolution with a maximum deviation of ± 0.3% of the attached load. They have a tare range of 15-20% of the maximum weighing range and are available in grams (g).
A tare screw with precise grid adjustment as a zero-setting device protects against accidental adjustment. The rotating and pivoting suspension bracket as well as the clamp, which serves as a load-bearing device, are made of stainless steel. Lower suspension (clamp) and various accessories are easily replaceable.
Always ready for use as no batteries are required.

Features of the spring scale

  • Cylindrical mechanical spring scale
  • Load handling device: clamp
  • Easy to use
  • Mechanical, robust, durable
  • Accuracy ±0.3% of the load
  • Taring range 20%
  • Quality in material and shape
  • Perfect adjustability
  • Storage: Transparent plastic case incl.
  • Components: Corrosion-free
  • Light, precise, robust "made in Switzerland"

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x spring scale with clamp in a transparent designer case


Type Weighing range, 
Recording Color
Light 10M 10 g 0.1 g   Gray
Light 20M 20 g 0.2 g   Red
Light 50M 50 g 0.5 g   Blue
Light 100M 100 g 1 g   Green
Light 500M 500 g 5 g Purple
Light 1000M 1000 g 10 g Dark blue

Dimensions of the spring scale

Type Weighing range S Lo Lm d (0) Color
Light 10M 10 g 100 mm 225 mm 330 mm 12.2 mm Gray
Light 20M 20 g 100 mm 225 mm 330 mm 12.2 mm Red
Light 50M 50 g 100 mm 225 mm 330 mm 12.2 mm Blue
Light 100M 100 g 100 mm 225 mm 330 mm 12.2 mm Green
Light 500M 500 g 100 mm 225 mm 330 mm 12.2 mm Purple
Light 1000M 1000 g 100 mm 225 mm 330 mm 12.2 mm  Dark blue
Product-group: Spring scale


Lastklammer für Federwaagen

For all Macro spring scales up to 35 kg. The range of the clamping thickness can be adjusted. It features high clamping force and can be rotated.