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  • BW10280
  • Weighing module<br />K24N-MZ
  • Nominal load<br />1.000 - 10.000 kg
The stainless steel weighing module K24N-MZ with integrated wishbone was specially designed for... more
Product information "Weighing module K24N-MZ"

The stainless steel weighing module K24N-MZ with integrated wishbone was specially designed for the weighing of hoppers and tanks. The construction, with a wishbone and an integrated lifting device enable the weighing modules to be used safely even in the case of strong horizontal or oscillating forces (e.g. in the case of agitators). The adjustable guides with the joint heads should be mounted in such a way as to produce as little stress as possible so that an optimum measuring accuracy can be achieved.

Area of application

Weighing modules for tank weighing, hopper weighing, silo weighing, big bag scales.


  • Loadblock with protection against lifting. 
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Nominal load: 1.000 - 10.000 kg
  • Calibratable compliance with OIML R60 to 3000D
  • Laser welded, protection class: IP 68 
  • Structure: The measuring element is hermetically encapsulated and output current calibrated
  • Particularly robust for long-term use in industrial applications
  • Reception of force by means of a through-hole with countersink
  • Compatible with other manufacturers
  • Optional explosion-proof designs according to ATEX
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1, 2 t 210 25 160 100 14 153 20 80 30,3 96 15 20
5 t 250 25 200 120 18 186 25 100 41,4 138 20 20

Alle Angaben in mm | Technische Änderungen vorbehalten

TypNennlast, EmaxBeschreibungPreis €, zzgl. MwSt.
K24N-MZ-01000 1.000 kg Wägezelle incl. Wägemodul in Edelstahl 685,-
K24N-MZ-02000 2.000 kg Wägezelle incl. Wägemodul in Edelstahl 685,-
K24N-MZ-05000 5.000 kg Wägezelle incl. Wägemodul in Edelstahl 900,-
K24N-MZ-10000 10.000 kg Wägezelle incl. Wägemodul in Edelstahl 1060,-
Wägezellen-Tester für DMS-Wägezellen 4- und 6-Leiter Technik Load Cell Tester
Load Cell Tester for DMS-Load Cells 4-wire and
6- wire technology
Weighing cabel- Junction Box Load Cell
Cable-Junction Box
Large, robust aluminum terminal box
for connecting up to 6 load cells Waterproof IP 68
ab €135.00
anti vibration - weighing table Anti - Vibration
weighing table
Anti - Vibration - weighing table
Stable , precise and secure weighing results
Durchfahrwaage aud Edelstahl  - geeicht Roll Through Scales
Weighing range: 600 kg
Weighing platform: 1 x 1,5 m
Price on request
Weighing cross WK Weighing cross
Weighing bridge with
single point load cell
Wire rope transducer Double ended shear beam
Cable guard for load
indication in wire cables
Aluminium Single-point-load-cell H10A Single point load cell
Capacity: 8 - 40 kg
Material: Aluminium
Transmitter WTM für Wägeapplikationen mit 8 Kanälen Weighing transmitter
Digital weighing transmitter
Analogue and digital outputs
ab €280.00
Shear beam load cell K20N Shear beam load cell
Capacity: 1.000 - 5.000 kg
Stainless steel
ab €183.00
Lastmessbolzen - Kraftmessbolzen - lOAD PIN Loadpins
Capacity: Customised
Alloyed steel or stainless steel
Kundenspezifische Wiegebalken OEM Weighbeams
Dimensions according to
customer requirements
Bodenwaage eichfähig bis 3.000 kg Heavy duty scale
Capacity: 6000 / 8000 kg
Custom size platform
Price on request
leistungsfähige Multifunktionswaagenanzeige für komplexe Wägeapplikationen Weighing terminal
Professional weighing terminal
Legal for trade
ab €350.00
Robuste Maschinenwaage mit großem Display Load corner
Mobile loadblock for weighing of
objects up to 40 tons per Weighing
Price on request
Maschinenwaage mit Lastknopf Machine scale
Weighing of loads
Load module for up to 10 tons per load corner
Robuste Coilwaage bis 40t Coil scale
Coil scales U-shaped design
Capacity up to 40 t
ab €4,990.00
Gravimetrische Füllstation von BOSCHE Gravimetric filling station
semi-automatic filling
with liquids
Fernanzeige im Aluminiumgehäuse Remote display
RD 050
Second display with 50 mm
LCD display to display weight data
vielseitiger digitaler DMS-Messverstärker WTE Weight Transmitter
Weighing transducer
with analog output
ab €190.00
Das Wägeterminal CSW Weighing controller
Weighing terminal
for filling and dispensing apps
Waagenbausatz Weighing set
Easy construction of your own scale
ab €482.00
Low profile compression load cell  V10 Low profile compression
load cell V10S
Capacity: 3 - 10t
Alloy steel, laser-welded
ab €120.00
Eichfähige digitale Klemmkästen mit integriertem 24bit Interface Digital Load Cell
Amplifier DBB
Verifiable digital terminal boxes
with integrated 24bit scale interface
ab €185.00
Block box EK Block box
Terminal box for
extending load cell cables
Weighing platform TP Weighing platform
Legal for trade weighing platforms Capacity: 60 / 150 / 300 / 600 kg
400x400, 600x600, 800x800 mm
ab €185.00
Zählsystem mit 2 Wägebrücken - Zählen mit Referenzwaage für hohe Zählgenauigkeit Counting system
for small parts
Referenzwaage: 3 kg | 0,1 g
Mengenwaage bis 150 kg
Kreuz Scherstab - Sonder-Wägezelle Cross shear beam
Capacity: 10.000-100.000 kg
Material: Alloyed steel
Wiegesystem für Hochubwagen mit Waage Digital Load Cell
Amplifier DBB
Verifiable digital terminal boxes
with integrated 24bit scale interface
ab €405.00
Weighing set BKSB Weighing set
Easy construction of your own scale
Solas Container wiegen Container weighing beam
2 weighing beams with indicator
Weighing range 20 t per beam
Manuelle Kartoffelstärkewaage bestimmt Stärkegehalt von Kartoffeln Kartoffelstärkewaage
Manually operated potato starch scales with starch content display
ab €1,900.00
Fernanzeige füe Waage mit ultrahellen LED Numeric display
Großanzeige mit 150 mm Ziffernhöhe
im Aluminiumgehäuse mit ultrahellen LEDs
€690.00 €980.00 *
Bodenwaage aus Edelstahl mit abschraubbarer Edelstahl-Lastplatte. Floor scale
Stainless steel floor scale
Capacity: 300|600|1500|3000 kg
ab €2,295.00
Durchfahrwaage mit 1 Rampe bis 600 kg Flat-bed scales
Capacity: 600 / 1.500 / 3.000kg
Weighing platform: 1 x 1.5 m
ab €1,490.00