Overview of load cells

Below you will find a list of various load cells

Load cell types

  • Platform weighing cell
  • Bending bar load cell
  • Shear bar load cell
  • S-shaped load cell
  • Double shear beam load cell
  • Single point load cell
  • Miniature load cell
Bending beam load cells
Double shear beam load cells
Compression load cells
Force sensors
Miniature load cells
Platform load cells
S-type load cells
Shear beam load cells
Special Load Cells

bosche.eu offers load cells with a nominal load between 50 kg and 200 tons.

Weigh cells are also known as force transducers, because a load cell is a component that consists of a spring body and a strain gauge firmly connected to it. You can find more information about the structure of a load cell in the category Load cells.


Bending Beam load cell B10N
Capacity: 5 - 500 kg
Stainless Steel, laser-welded
Bending Beam load cell B10S
Capacity: 50 - 500 kg
Alloy steel, laser-welded
Canister type load cell C27N
Capacity: 10 - 50 t
Alloy steel, laser-welded
Compression Load cell V71N
Capacity 0.5 - 30 t
electro polished stainless steel, laser welded
Compressive force - Load cell C30S
Capacity: 30 - 50 klb
alloyed steel
Cross shear beam X40S
Capacity: 10.000-100.000 kg
Material: Alloyed steel
Digital Single point load cell H20A-D
Capacity: 15 - 300 kg
Material: Aluminium
Digital Single point load cell H33A-D
Capacity: 15 - 300 kg
Material: Aluminium
Double Ended Shear Beam load cell D10N
Capacity: 4.536 - 90.720 kg
Stainless Steel, laser-welded
Double Ended Shear Beam load cell D20S
Capacity: 13.607 - 34.091 kg
Alloy steel, laser-welded