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  • BW10125
  • Indicator<br />SWI
  • small, compact scale<br />in aluminum housing
The SWI is a small, compact scale, which is suitable for simple weighing applications. Combined... more
Product information "Indicator SWI"

The SWI is a small, compact scale, which is suitable for simple weighing applications.
Combined with the right weighing platform, this scale covers an enormously wide weighing range.
The flexibility allows us to respond to almost all customer requirements with only one device.

Made in Germany.


  • Illuminated 30 mm LCD Display with 5 digits
  • Basic functions: Tare, zero, gross/net t
  • Special program for animal weighing
  • Memory for number of weighings and the resultant total weight
  • HIGH-LOW-GO function
  • Time and Date
  • 1,000,000 internal increments
  • Extremely simple, user-friendly operation
  • Can be mounted as a stand or table top device
  • Digital calibration and setup, via the keypad or computer
  • Ideally suited for any platform and hopper scales
  • Dimensions: 142 x 87 x 33 mm  


We deliver the device fully calibrated and pre-wired with our load cells upon request. Your scales therefore arrive ready for immediate use.


  • The weighing terminal comes standard with several functions:
  • HIGH-LOW OK function, a weight-limit control (two freely selectable weight values​​, beep and display).
  • Animal weighing - A special program, which forms a stable mean value when moving loads (restless animals) and allows a precise weight determination.
  • Zero - tare - tare manual, auto tare, gross / net
  • Summing / adding weights - up to 9,999 weighings.
  • Peak / Hold - peak / hold function.



The weight display is housed in a rugged aluminum housing with protection class IP 54. Operation is via a drip-proof keypad with 4 function keys. The large short-travel keyswitches have a noticeable pressure point and give a safety when operating. The 30mm large display with 4 contrast digits and status symbols is very readable even from a distance. An LED back lighting ensures even in low light conditions a good readability. The backlight can be adjusted via a menu. The housing is fixed with VESA 50 and can be attached to the wall using a standard mount or installed on a table. A stand is available as an optional extra.


This tool is an excellent way to control, and provides a clear overview.

Interfaces - Communication

RS232 or RS485 - Optionally, the weighing terminal with a serial interface, which allows a bidirectional connection to the scanner / barcode reader, printer, PC or remote display. Thus, a customer-specific, verifiable receipt printing are printed with date & time. The optional data memory- All recorded weights can be stored with date and time in the machine. The values ​​can be transferred conveniently via optional USB port (master / slave) to a USB stick and analyzed with the supplied software on a Windows PC and be archived.

Power supply

The display is powered via an AC adapter 100-240V/50-60Hz as standard. The adjustable automatic shut-off saves power.

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EC type-approval   -
Accuracy class according to EN 45501 and OIML R 76   -
Maximum number of verification intervals (nind)   10.000
Fraction of the maximum allowable error (p1)   0,5
Supply voltage (Uexc) Vdc 5
Minimum input voltage per division value (ΔUmin)  μV 0,2
Lower limit of the load resistance (RLmin) Ω 87,5
Number of load cells (N)   bis 8 Wägezellen á 350 Ohmoder 16 Wägezellen á 700 Ohm
Maximum weighing range (Max)   von 1 kg bis 9.999 kg
Analog-to-digital conversion  Hz 100
Measuring rate   50 Messungen pro Sekunde
Humidity   85% RH max., nichtkondensierend
Rated temperature range (BT)Operational temperature range (Btu) °C  - 10 ... + 40- 30 ... + 70
 Status symbols    
Measuring range    
 Mains connection    
Housing   Aluminium, protection class IP 54
Cable length    
Printer port    
Genauigkeitsklasse nach EN 45501 und OIML R 76   -
Maximale Anzahl der Teilungswerte (nind)   10.000
Bruchteil des maximal erlaubten Fehlers (p1)   0,5
Speisespannung (Uexc) Vdc 5
Mindestmesssignal pro Teilungswert (ΔUmin)  μV 0,2
Untere Grenze des Lastwiderstands (RLmin) Ω 87,5
Anzahl der Wägezellen (N)   bis 8 Wägezellen á 350 Ohm
oder 16 Wägezellen á 700 Ohm
Maximaler Wägebereich (Max)    von 1 kg bis 9.999 kg
Analog-digitalkonvertierung  Hz 100
Messrate    50 Messungen pro Sekunde
Feuchtigkeit   85% RH max., nichtkondensierend
Nenntemperaturbereich (BT)
Gebrauchstemperaturbereich (Btu)
°C  - 10 ... + 40
- 30 ... + 70
 Status Symbole    
 Gehäuse   Aluminium, Schutzart IP 54
TypePrice €, excl. VAT
SWI Anzeige im Aluminiumgehäuse 270,-
USB Master/Slave 45,-



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Fernanzeige füe Waage mit ultrahellen LED Numeric display
Großanzeige mit 150 mm Ziffernhöhe
im Aluminiumgehäuse mit ultrahellen LEDs
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Counting system scale DS Counting system scale
Referenzwaage DS
mit Zweitwaagenschnittstelle
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Robuste Maschinenwaage mit großem Display Load corner
Mobile loadblock for weighing of
objects up to 40 tons per Weighing
Price on request
Mobiler Scherenhubtisch mit Waage Lifting table scale
manually HTW
Mobile scissor lift table
Capacity: 500 / 1000 / 1500 kg
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Hubwagen mit hochwertiger Waage  bis 2500 kg Pallet truck scale
HLS-MW 2500
Pallet truck with high-quality scale
Capacity up to 2500 kg
ab €1,495.00
Geeichter Wiegehubwagen mit Waage bis 2000 kg Pallet truck scale
HLS-D 2000
Legal for trade pallet truck with scale
Capacity up to 2000 kg
ab €1,450.00
Maschinenwaage mit Lastknopf Machine scale
Weighing of loads
Load module for up to 10 tons per load corner
Große Maschinenwaage bis 40t Machine scale
Weighing of heavy parts
Price on request
Volumenwaage zur Volumenmessung Made in Germany Volume scale
3D Silence
Non-contact static volume and
weighing measurement system
ab €6,500.00
 Babywaage Eichfähig mit Medizinzulassung  Baby scale
Elegant Baby scale
Verifiable with medical approval
ab €255.00
Shear beam load cell K10S Shear beam load cell
Capacity: 200 - 2.000 kg
Alloy steel nickleplated