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Scale Display

Anzeige für Portionierwaagen und  Kontrollwaagen
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    ISO calibration certificate 30 kg
    ISO calibration certificate 30 kg
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    • Scale Display<br/>MSI
    • Comfortable Weighing // Checkweighing
    The compact weighing terminal with simple operation The robust MSI scale display was... more
    Product information "Scale Display MSI"

    The compact weighing terminal with simple operation

    The robust MSI scale display was made for comfortable weighing. It has three LCD displays which are enabling the operator to see all important data at a glance: The set limit values (Hi / Lo) and the current weight.

    You can determine the tolerance range quickly and easily. With the help of the checkweighing function, the limit values (overweight and underweight) can be selected fast using the numeric keyboard. In this way the sample can be weighed exactly within the set tolerance range. The integrated traffic light visually supports portioning, dosing and sorting (Overweight => red, permissible weight => green, underweight => yellow).

    The tare function of the scale enables you to tare / set the weight of a container up to the full capacity of the scale.

    • Suitable for all check and portioning scales
    • Accuracy class III and IIII
    • Safe and non-slip installation with rubber feets
    • Three illuminated displays - weight, lower und upper limit
    • Numeric keypad
    • Selectable audible signal
    • Alibi memory with date and time
    • Robust aluminium housing
    • Extremely simple, user-friendly operation
    • Can be mounted as a standing or table top device
    • WiFi / Ethernet
    • Configurable Protocol printout
    • Checkweighing
    • Portioning of meat, dough, fish, poultry, salad plates in canteens etc.

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