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Barrel Scale

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    • Barrel Scale<br />FMW
    • Capacity: 300 / 600 kg<br />Platform size: 640 x 617 mm
    The integradet access ramp facilitates the application of barrels, the increased lateral spars... more
    Product information "Fasswaage FMW"

    The integradet access ramp facilitates the application of barrels, the increased lateral spars avoid falling down the barrel.
    The combination of the weighing platform with the high-quality multifunction display MWI is intended for advanced weighing applications in verifiable and noncertified area. The intuitive operation convenient keypad and allows untrained personnel easy operation. Using the numeric keypad, a tare weight (known weight of the barrel) can be entered, so that then the scale displays net weight.
    Due to the lightweight design and a carrying handle, the barrel scale is also suitable for mobile use.

    Made in Germany.


    • Robust barrel scales for weighing barrels
    • Verifiable according to accuracy class III
    • Weigh frame made of powder coated steel or stainless steel
    • Special flat design: Side high 75 mm
    • Capacity 300 kg / 600 kg
    • Weigh frame for weighing barrels up to 600 mm diameter
    • Four laser welded load cells, IP 68 Display MWI in a plastic housing with adjustable backlight
    • Incl. Transport handle
    • Low weight (40 kg) allows mobile use
    • Robust fitted Harting Industrial plug protected

    Are of application

    Ideal for inventory, according or control in restaurants, hotels, catering and event organizers.

    Weighing technology

    The weighbridge barrels of the scale is quipped with four high-quality load cells.
    The display device with a large 60 mm display MWI is resonsible for the clear weight determination and summing the weighing results. The tare is executed over the entire measuring range.

    Power supply and interfaces

    The barrel scale is supplied as standart for network operation (power cord included). The optional, rechargeable battery pack allows a current independent weighing.
    The RS 232 serial dara interface allows a bi-directional data transfer of weight data to a PC, printer or remote display.
    Transmission cables, exernal remote display or printer is available as an accessory.

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