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Machine scale

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    Application | Weighing range

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    Junction box JBB-04
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    • Machine scale<br />MSW
    • Weighing of loads<br />Load module for up to 10 tons per load corner
    Application | Weighing range
    3.000 kg
    From 1
    5.000 kg
    From 1
    7.500 kg
    From 1
    10.000 kg
    From 1
    The mobile load scale is a weighing components system for stationary and mobile applications... more
    Product information "Machine scale MSW"

    The mobile load scale is a weighing components system for stationary and mobile applications for weighing parts up to 10 tons. The ideal solution for quick and easy weighing machines and machine parts or large containers at various locations.


    • Weighing range up to 10.000 kg per weighing module
    • Small size: L x W x H - 150 x 170 (210 with handle) x 70 (incl. load button) mm
    • Flexible use
    • Overload protection
    • Industrial connectors ensure a secure connection
    • Low weight: 4.2 kg per weighing module
    • Renting possible



    The system consists of 1-8 weighing modules with a capacity of up to 10 tons per module. The custom-designed load button ensures optimal load transfer
    Quality load cells ensure accurate weighing. The weighing modules are connected via a junction box with an indicator of your choice. The robust industrial connectors ensure long life even in harsh applications.

    Weighing module size:  L x B x H - 150 x 170 (210 with handle) x 70 (incl. load button) mm.
    Capacity: 3 - 10 t per load module as standard. Special scales with a weighing capacity of up to 100 tons or a larger platform are available on request.


    Installation of the weighing modules under load and connect to the cable box.



    1. Wägemodule unter Lastecken aufstellen
    2. Gewicht (Container o. a.)  auf die Lastecken absetzen
    3. Gewicht ablesen = fertig

    Weighing technology

    The load corners are equipped with high-quality strain gauge load cells.

    Power supply and interfaces

    The machine scale is connected to a terminal box and supplied with voltage via this. Batteries are integrated.


    Price list

    TypeWeighing range, MaxReadability, d
    MSW-030 3.000 kg

    0.5 kg per module
    with 4 modules 2 kg

    MSW-050 5.000 kg

    1 kg per module
    with 4 modules 5 kg

    MSW-075 7.500 kg 2 kg pro Modul
    bei 4 Modulen 10 kg
    MSW-100 10.000 kg

    5 kg per module
    with 4 modules 20 kg



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    Radlastwaage RWS - Fahrzeugwaagenplatform für Messung von Radlasten Radlastwaage
    Ladefläche: 564x400mm
    Serienmäßiges Funkmodul
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    Fasswaage zur Bestimmung von Restmengen im Fass Barrel Scale
    Capacity: 300 / 600 kg
    Platform size: 640 x 617 mm
    from €1,449.00 *
    E2 Milligrammgewicht, Plättchenform, Aluminium / Neusilber M1 Testweights Milligramm
    Stainlees steel
    Design: Platelet shape
    Material: Stainless steel
    €4.00 *
    Gewichtsatz mit Präzisionsgewichten der Genaigkeitsklasse M1 nach OIML R111 DIN 8127 M1 Testweight Set
    Stainless steel
    Set of calibration weights in button shape
    . Material: Stainless steel finely turned
    from €95.00 *
    Pferdewaage Horse scale
    PW 1000
    Weighing of horses and foals
    Weighing capacity : 1000 kg | Readability 1 kg
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    Scale Display MSI Scale Display
    Comfortable Weighing // Checkweighing
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    Remote Display RD195 Outdoor Remote Display
    Numeric display with Digit Height 95 mm
    with IP65 protection class
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    Packtisch mit Waage - Bausatz für Packtisch mit Wägesystem Waagenbausatz für Packtische
    Weighing table with counting scale system
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    Präzisionsgewicht M1 aus Edelstahl feingedreht M1 Calibration Weight
    Stainless steel
    Calibration weights in button form
    Material: Stainless steel fine turned 100 g - 10 kg
    from €6.00 *
    Gewichtsatz  Edelstahl Eichgewichte M1 Klasse 1 mg ~ 500 g M1 Testweight Set
    Set of test weights in plastic case
    . Material: stainless steel fine turned
    from €75.00 *
    Eichfähige Kranwaage mit Wägebereich bis 1.5 | 3 | 6 | 9.5t Crane scale
    Legal for trade
    Capacity up to 1.5, 6 or 9.5 t
    from €555.00 *
    Kundenspezifische Wiegebalken OEM Weighbeams
    Dimensions according to
    customer requirements
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    Eichgewichte Klasse M1 aus Gusseisen M1 Rectangular Weights
    cast iron
    Block weight 5 kg - 50 kg
    Material: varnished cast iron
    from €58.00 * €72.00 *