The portable solution: Weigh beams

Permanently installed weighing units are the preferred solution for all stationary applications. In some cases, portable scales are however the only option, and weigh beams offer a good alternative. Read more...

Weigh beam applications

Our range of weighing equipment – from precision table scales to large roll-through scales – covers virtually any application. But there are always cases where preconfigured systems are not the ideal solution. That is where weigh beams came into play. Weigh beam systems essentially consist of two beams, each equipped with two load cells. The beams are sturdy square metal tubes. Thanks to their lightweight constructions, they can be easily transported. In order to set up a weighing station, it is normally sufficient to position the beams parallel to each other, to connect the control unit and to place the load directly on the beams. The distance between the beams can be chosen freely, which make weigh beams particularly suitable for the weighing of long objects such as tubes and rods. To achieve accurate and reproducible measurements, the beams must be levelled prior to weighing by adjusting the feet.

Weigh beams and their advantages

On the one hand, the beams can be used without any further installation as described above. On the other, they can be integrated into a purpose-built weighing system, by attaching them under a load platform. Simple platform scales can for instance be constructed by screwing a suitable plate to the beams. For veterinary use, the beams can be equipped with a cage or pen to hold the animal. As new weighing tasks come along, all you need to do is change the superstructure.


Due to their light weight, weigh beams are the ideal solution for mobile use. They offer unrivalled flexibility as they can be combined with a wide range of platforms or containers to provide a customised weighing station.