Weighing kit for customised solutions

There is probably no manufacturing or trade company in the world that does not use weighing equipment. Whether your business is production, sales or logistics – weighing scales are simply indispensable. As a consequence, manufacturers of weighing scales have come up with a huge range of products. Sometimes, companies however need customised weighing solutions for very specific tasks. That is where weighing kits come in handy, as the various components can be assembled to suit any requirements. Read more...

Matching components

All components of our weighing kits are compatible and verified. After assembly, the scales are thus ready for use. Each weighing kit consists of four load cells, four feet and a junction box. Combined with other components from the BOSCHE range, you can thus for instance build your own counting scales. All you need to add is a compatible display and control unit. With our weighing kits, you can design scales that can be seamlessly integrated into your production processes.

Issues to be considered when building your own scales

To assemble weighing scales that work reliably under demanding industrial conditions, you need top-quality components. In addition, the load cells must be protected against water or dust ingress. Connecting cables must be installed in such a way that they are protected against rodents. Before purchasing a weighing kit, determine the maximum load capacity you need. We offer kits for any load range. The maximum load capacity of the scales corresponds to the total load capacity of the load cells minus 25 %. This formula ensures that the scales are not damaged by overload.