Lift trucks with scales lift, transport and weigh your loads directly at the place of use

A pallet truck with scales or cradle pallet truck combines the functionality of a precise industrial scale with the mobility and flexibility of a hand pallet truck. Using these pallet trucks with scales is often simply “ant”; called, means an enormous saving of working time in the movement of goods, in determining the shipping weights and in production. The “health” plays a role here, because with the consistent use of lifting tables with scales and pallet truck in combination makes it possible to work in a particularly back-friendly manner. Read more...

The pallet truck with scale is easy to use

The advantages of pallet trucks with scales can basically be summarized in one sentence: lift the pallet and read the weight on the large, easy-to-read display (various display steps available). These hand pallet trucks with scales (also available as an individual design as an electric pallet truck) are therefore really effective and easy to use for everyone. Pallet truck with scale or Pallet truck with Scales are used in warehouses and logistics.

The structure and construction of the weighing pallet trucks are optimized for daily use

Four high-quality load cells integrated in the subframe ensure precise weighing of pallet goods. The Bosche HLS series cradle pallet trucks have a stable chassis with a multi-reinforced frame made of powder-coated steel. Robust, standard tandem rollers made of polyurethane, which ensure that the pallet truck scale runs pleasantly easily and quietly, and the extreme mobility of the weighing pallet trucks enable pleasant continuous use, even in industrial environments.  The robust industrial quality of the pallet truck with scales is proven by the CE marking, the GS seal and certification by TÜV.

Wiegehubwagen mit Drucker HLS-DW 2500

For use in the food and pharmaceutical industries, i.e. for areas where hygiene is particularly important, the Weighing pallet truck also available as a stainless steel version. In this version, the pallet trucks with scales are easy and thorough to clean, as well as being rust-free and corrosion-resistant.

The display device with 50 mm digit height is designed for easy weight determination and summing of the weighing results. Depending on the model of the cradle pallet truck, the measurement tolerance varies. Thanks to integrated batteries, the systems are independent of the mains, although the charging adapter is of course included in the scope of delivery.

The pallet truck with scales has various functions for high effectiveness

Depending on the model, the total weighing capacity of the hand pallet trucks with scales varies. Basically, the pallet trucks with scales are designed for easy weight determination and summing of weighing results with a load capacity of up to 2,500 kg. Preloads can be balanced in advance at the push of a button. Taring is possible over the entire measuring range.

On the model cradle pallet truck HLS-MC 2500 it also enables piece counting. The user can record all important data at a glance on three LCD displays (weight, piece weight and number of pieces). The numeric keyboard with 20 keys allows you to enter unit weights, tare weights and target unit numbers. In order to be able to print out the weighing results, optional radio printers or a serial RS232 interface are available for connection to a PC. The quick lift with sensitive lowering is standard on all pallet trucks with scales.

For particularly precise purposes or specifications, we offer a calibratable pallet truck with scale. Verifiable cradle pallet trucks are used when the goods are calculated by weight.

We would be happy to advise you on which pallet truck with scales is best suited for your application. Just contact us - and of course we will also be available to you after your purchase as a contact person on 05491 999 689 0.

FAQ Pallet truck with scale

What should you consider when buying a pallet truck with scales?

When buying a pallet truck with scales, you should always pay attention to approval in the form of a CE marking. It is also important to choose the lifting scales with scales according to the required weight range and accuracy class.

What advantages does a pallet truck with scales offer?

The biggest advantage of a pallet truck with scales is that no separate scales are required. Another advantage of the pallet truck scale is that other objects can also be weighed on the forks of the pallet truck. The integrated scale display makes it quick and easy to read the weight. The data can be output directly on the pallet truck with scales and printer.

Are pallet trucks with scales calibrated?

BOSCHE pallet trucks with scales are calibrated. There is the possibility to buy the Buy pallet truck with scale calibrated, this should be specified when ordering. A pallet truck with scales must be legal for trade if goods and goods are sold by weight. More information about calibration can be found HERE.

How much weight can a hand pallet truck with scales lift?

BOSCHE pallet trucks with scales can lift up to 2500 kg and weigh with an accuracy of 500 grams.