Floor scales - Made in Germany

Floor scales or pit scales are used mainly for weighing large quantities or extremely heavy materials up to 8,000 kg. This occurs frequently in industry, which is why all BOSCHE floor scales are adapted for use in harsh industrial environments. Therefore all the cables and load cells are installed within the platform itself to protect them against damage. After connecting the scales to the indicator supplied, our measuring equipment can be put into operation immediately. Floor scales are also used in warehouses. In such cases, incoming goods are checked and outgoing goods are picked by weight and quantity. Floor scales are also used in cases where conventional platform scales are pushed to their limits, both in terms of platform size and maximum load. Floor scales consist of a weighing platform and a weighing indicator, which can be mounted on a stand or on the wall. BOSCHE floor scales are particularly durable weighing platforms made of non-slip steel chequered plate and are equipped with different indicators and high-precision, laser-welded alloy steel or stainless steel load cells. Read more...

What to consider when choosing floor scales

Before ordering floor scales, you need to work out which model is right for your company. For example, you must consider whether you need to install the scales in the ground so that they are flush with the floor. An optional pit frame is required for flush floor installation. In the case of in-floor installation, the floor scales must be able to bear the weight of the transport vehicles, otherwise the scales may be overloaded and damaged. Thus, heavy duty scales of up to 8 tons must be used for forklift trucks.

Mounting options

To allow the pallet truck or another means of transport to drive onto the scales, suitable ramps are available in our floor scales accessories range. Pit frames for in-floor installation, wall mounts and stands for the weighing indicators are also available as an option. Long cables are also connected, software connections pre-programmed and printer connections pre-installed, if required.

Weighing platform

The weighing platforms, also known as weighing bridges, are available as standard in sizes ranging from 1,000 x 1,000 mm to 1,500 x 1,500 mm. We can also manufacture special sizes upon request.


Depending on your requirements and scope of application of your floor scales, you can choose between stainless steel and powder-coated steel platforms.


Floor scales usually offer a maximum rated load of 600 kg to 8,000 kg. For safety reasons, BOSCHE floor scales are oversized to greatly reduce any possible deflection of the weighing platform and to significantly extend the service life of the floor scales.


Ramps, wall mounts, stands, extra-long cables, weighing software packages and printers. The serial RS232 interface is included as standard in all BOSCHE floor scales, roll-through scales and pit scales.

Official verification

Before purchasing any floor scales, you should check whether they need to be verified. According to EU Directive 90/384 EEC, floor scales need to be verified if they are used for the following purposes:

  1. For trade, if the price of a commodity is determined by weight.
  2. For official purposes such as determining fees and penalties.
  3. For the manufacture of pre-packaged products.

If you want to use the floor scales for any of these purposes, you can order the optional official verification together with the device.

Installing the floor scales

BOSCHE floor scales are easy to position and set up using the eye bolts supplied. In order to easily adjust the weighing platform to the floor, height-adjustable feet allow you to level the platform from above using a screwdriver. If you need to make changes to the junction box, you can access it easily once you have unscrewed the protective plate. Finally, simply connect the indicator to the durable, steel-sheathed cable and your floor scales are ready to use.