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Platform scale

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    Application | Weighing range

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    DakkS Calibration Certificate Industrial scales Class  III > 5 kg - 50 kg
    DakkS Calibration Certificate Industrial scales Class III > 5 kg - 50 kg
    €105.00 *
    Stainless Steel bag scale attachment
    Stainless Steel bag scale attachment
    €101.00 *
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    • Platform scale<br />IPS-MC
    • Legal for trade platform counting scale<br />Capacity: 30 / 60 / 150 kg
    Application | Weighing range
    30 kg | 5 g
    From 1
    15/30 kg | 5/10 g - Zweibereichswaage
    From 1
    30 kg | 10 g - eichfähig
    From 1
    60 kg | 10 g
    From 1
    30/60 kg | 10/20 g - Zweibereichswaage
    From 1
    60 kg | 20 g - eichfähig
    From 1
    150 kg | 20 g
    From 1
    60/150 kg | 20/50 g - Zweibereichswaage
    From 1
    The digital checkweigher with precision load cell is highly accurate and optimised for daily use... more
    Product information "Platform scale IPS-S"

    The digital checkweigher with precision load cell is highly accurate and optimised for daily use in industry and trade. The IPS S is a checkweigher for weighing in tolerance ranges (checkweighing). It can be used to check and pick goods.
    The display with three sections enables the operator to see all important data - such as the set limit values (Hi / Lo) and the current weight - at a glance. With the help of the checkweighing function, the limit values for overweight and underweight are simply entered via the numeric keypad and the tolerance range is determined in this way. In this way, the sample can be weighed exactly within the defined tolerance range. The integrated traffic light (overweight => red, permissible weight => green, underweight => yellow) visually supports portioning, dosing and sorting.
    The combination of the weighing platform with the checkweighing display is intended for weighing applications in the verifiable (MSI-T scale display) and non-verifiable (GTS-T scale display) range. The convenient membrane keypad enables intuitive handling of the scale. This means that even untrained personnel can quickly operate the scale correctly. The additional numeric keypad allows quick entry of limit values.
    Thanks to the lightweight design and optionally available transport trolley, the platform scale can also be used as a mobile unit.

    Count on BOSCHE quality Made in Germany.


    • Verifiable according to accuracy class III
    • Stainless steel platform 420 x 520 mm
    • 800 mm high display stand
    • Capacity 30 kg / 60 kg / 150 kg
    • High-precision weighing technology - C4 load cell
    • Maintenance and wear-freeweighing equipment
    • Counting display MCI in a plastic housing with adjustable backlight
    • lluminated 60 mm LCD displays with 50 mm digit height
    • Alibi memory with time and date
    • very simple, user-friendly operation
    Non-verifiable:Weighing range, MaxReadability, dPlatform sizeScale displayPrice, €
    excl. VAT.
    IPS GST 30 30 kg 2 g 420 x 520 mm GTS-T 739,-
    IPS GST 60 60 kg 5 g 739,-
    IPS GST 150 150 kg 10 g 739,-
    VerifiableWeighing range, MaxVerification value, ePlatform sizeScale displayPrice, €
    excl. VAT.
    IPS MST 030 m_002
    30 kg 10g 420 x 520 mm MSI-T m_002 839,-
    IPS MST 060 m_002
    60 kg 20 g 839,-
    IPS MST 150 m_002
    150 kg 50 g 839,-
    Dual-range scale
    Weighing range, MaxVerification value, ePlatform sizeScale displayPrice, €
    excl. VAT.
    IPS MST-II 030 m_002
    15 / 30 kg 5 / 10 g 420 x 520 mm MSI-T m_002 859,-
    IPS MST-II 060 m_002
    30 / 60 kg 10 / 20 g 859,-
    IPS MST-II 150 m_002
    60 / 150 kg 20 / 50 g 859,-
    Stand Stainless steel stand for raising the scale display included

     Internal battery with up to 15 hours operating time

    E 50 Verification costs up to 50 kg 80,-
    E 350 Verification costs up to 350 kg 90,-
    Signal light Internal integrated signal light 30,-
    Transport trolley
    Transportwagen_fuer_Plattformwaagen Powder-coated => 190,-
    Stainless steel=> 397,- 
    2 nd Data interface RS 232 Interface for serial data transmission of measurement data to printer, PC etc. 45,-

    Dual range

    The weighing range [Max] of dual range scales are divided in 2 sections and start in a smaller weighing range with a more accurate readability [d]. By exceeding the first weighing range, the scale switches automatically to a bigger weighing range with a coarser readability.

    Power supply and interfaces

    The platform scale is supplied as standard for mains operation (mains plug included). The optionally available rechargeable battery allows for power-independent weighing.
    The serial RS 232 data interface allows bidirectional data transfer of the weight data to a PC, printer or second display.
    Transmission cable, external second display or printer are available as accessories.

    The weighing platform is made of stainless steel with a robust substructure of high-quality die-cast aluminium. The force is applied directly to a high-quality strain gauge load cell.
    The increased load capacity and rigidity extends the service life of the platform scale.
    The platform is connected to the indicator by a 1.8m cable.
    The indicator is supplied with a display stand. Table mounting or wall mounting (with optional wall bracket) is also possible.

    Platform size: 420 x 520 mm. A platform size individually manufactured according to customer requirements is also possible.
    Weighing range: Standard 30 kg / 60 kg / 150 kg. Special scales with a different weighing range or a larger platform are available on request.


    The four rubber feet ensure a safe and stable placement of the platform scale.
    Adjustable load feet and a level help to align the scale.
    Immediately after setting up the scale, it can be put into operation.
    Optionally, the platform scale can be equipped with a bag scale attachment or transport trolley.



    Portioning meat, dough, fish, poultry, salad plates in canteens, etc.


    With this function, several components of a recipe can be weighed in on the scale one after the other. Each component is transferred to a net-total memory after it has been accepted.


    Technical data







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    Für eichpflichtige Anwendungen bitte die Eichung direkt mitbestellen. Eine nachträgliche Eichung ist nicht möglich!
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