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Barrel Scale

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    Application | Weighing range

    600 kg

    Weight Indicator

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    • Barrel Scale<br />FMW
    • Capacity: 300 / 600 kg<br />Platform size: 640 x 617 mm
    Application | Weighing range
    Weight Indicator
    600 kg MWI-T Indicator in aluminum housing - calibratable
    From 1
    600 kg GTE-T display in aluminum housing
    From 1
    are used wherever food is processed. Food is transported in loading trolleys and fed to... more
    Product information "Cutter scale for charging trolley"

    are used wherever food is processed.

    Food is transported in loading trolleys and fed to further processing machines. To ensure accurate dosing, it is sufficient to roll or place the charging trolley on the cutter scale. With the help of the easy-to-read scale display, the container can be tared and a target weight determined. Optionally, the cutter scale can be combined with a checkweigher; here, the differences lie in the scale electronics. The checkweigher offers the so-called HI-LO-GO function, which enables fast filling of the hopper.

    The cutter scale is completely made of stainless steel including the 4 built-in load cells. The scale electronics of the cutter scale are connected to the scale display via a connecting cable. A great advantage of this design is that the weighing platform of the cutter scale is independently factory-calibrated; in the event of a defect in the connecting cable or scale display, this can be easily replaced. On request, the cutter scale can be offered in a verified version.

    To put the cutter scale into operation, simply connect the scale electronics to the supplied power supply unit and the connecting cable of the scale display. BOSCHE cutter scales are calibrated at the factory and are ready for use immediately after commissioning.

    The integrated loading ramp facilitates the loading of the trolleys, whereby the raised bars prevent the trolley from falling sideways. Due to the light construction and a carrying handle, the cutter scale is also suitable for mobile use as well as for removal for cleaning purposes. With the BOSCHE cutter scale for charging trolleys, standard charging trolleys with 120 litres, 200 litres, 300 litres can be weighed. For weighing larger trolleys, we recommend the use of drive-through scales.

    The combination of the weighing platform with the high-quality multifunctional display MWI has proven to be the optimal solution, as it is also designed for complex weighing applications in the verifiable range. The numeric keypad can be used to enter a tare weight (known weight of the feed hopper), for example, so that the scale then displays the net weight. If a dosing or mixing application is intended, you should use a professional BOSCHE weighing transmitter as weighing electronics.

    Count on BOSCHE quality Made in Germany.


    • Robust barrel scales for weighing barrels
    • Verifiable according to accuracy class III
    • Weigh frame made of powder coated steel or stainless steel
    • Special flat design: Side high 75 mm
    • Capacity 300 kg / 600 kg
    • Weigh frame for weighing barrels up to 600 mm diameter
    • Four laser welded load cells, IP 68 Display MWI in a plastic housing with adjustable backlight
    • Incl. Transport handle
    • Low weight (40 kg) allows mobile use
    • Robust fitted Harting Industrial plug protected

    Area of application

    • Food producing establishments
    • Slaughterhouses
    • Pharmaceutical industry
    • Cheese dairies
    • Vegetable and salad production


    The MWI indicator with a large 60 mm display is responsible for the clear weight determination and the summation of the weighing results. Taring is possible over the entire measuring range.
    With the optionally available indicator light, reaching the target weight can be signalled quickly and easily (HI-LO-GO).

    Other scale displays with different weighing applications can be combined with the cutter scale.

    Power supply and interfaces

    The cutter scale for charging trolleys is supplied as standard for mains operation (mains plug included). The optionally available rechargeable battery allows for power-independent weighing. A serial RS-232 data interface allows bidirectional data transfer of the weight data to a PC, printer or second display, as well as the possibility of transferring the data to an external control system, so that simple or complex weighing functions can be displayed. Transmission cable, external second display or printer are available as accessories.


    The extremely flat weighing bridge of the cutter scale is made of stainless steel and extremely robust. Four laser-welded stainless steel load cells provide a precise result and are installed on the sides of the weighbridge. A short and flat loading ramp is integrated into the weighing surface, this allows manual loading of the cutter scale with less effort, so the loading trolleys can be easily rolled onto the weighing platform. The indicator can be mounted on a wall with a standard bracket or placed on a table. A tripod is optionally available.

    Technical drawing

    Kutterwaage Zeichnung

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