Weighing accessories from BOSCHE

Scales have become part of the standard equipment of every industrial plant, as weights play a major role in production, warehousing and shipping. We offer a wide range of accessories that enable you to adapt your weighing equipment to suit your specific requirements. Read more...

Accessories make scales more efficient

In modern business, time is money. That is why successful companies are continuously optimizing their processes. The weighing of commodities or merchandise is generally an integral part of the production process, and should therefore also be optimized. This can be done by choosing suitable accessories. Where speed is of the essence, operators must be able to read weights quickly. Additional large-scale displays are therefore a great idea. Where goods need to be classified according to their weight, the actual weight is less important than the respective weight range. A traffic light system connected to the scales facilitates fast classification by weight or number of units.

Weighing accessories

Some weighing accessories are designed to ensure that the scales are perfectly integrated into the working environment. This starts with the bench on which the scales are to be placed. Weighing benches come with adjustable feet so that they can be positioned perfectly horizontally, even if the floor is not exactly level. Many weighing tables feature vibration dampers that eliminate any interference from vibration on the weighing results. Where measured weights need to be documented, we recommend installing a scales printer specially designed for this task. If required, weights can be printed onto labels to be attached to the batches. Digital junction boxes are required where analogue load cell signals need to be converted into digital data for subsequent processing on a PC or in a PLC.


Weighing accessories help you optimize your workplaces and scales. Additional displays, a protected measuring environment and sturdy weighing benches make weighing not only easier but also faster.