Anti - Vibration
weighing table

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  • Anti - Vibration<br />weighing table
  • Anti - Vibration - weighing table<br /> Stable , precise and secure weighing results
The weighing table is designed for laboratories or rooms with instrumentation to provide... more
Product information "anti vibration - weighing table"

The weighing table is designed for laboratories or rooms with instrumentation to provide adequate working conditions for micro, analytical and Comparators . The weighing table is designed to accommodate vibration and thus create stable working conditions. These requirements are detailed measurements. A false measurement result is thus excluded. The core of the weighing table is a heavy stone slab, which is supported on special damping elements.

Anti-vibrations-weighing table

The table consists of two distinct components:

  • An integrated workspace with shock - absorbing slab by applied rubber blocks
  • An external work table with aluminum frame and adjustable feet

Scope of delivery

1. Hard disk
2. Working table 
3. Integrated table 
4. Installation instructions (not shown)

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Total dimensions ( W x D x H): 770 x 650 x 815 mm (height adjustable) 
Dimensions stone plate : 410 x 270 x 115 mm 
Weight stone slab : 34 kg 
Total weight 55 kg

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