Double Shear Beam load cell

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  • BW10050
  • Double Shear Beam load cell <br />D56S
  • Capacity: 10.000 - 50.000 kg <br />Alloy steel, laser welded
The D56S is a double shear beam load cell with parallel load input from high quality alloy tool... more
Product information "Double Shear Beam load cell D56S"

The D56S is a double shear beam load cell with parallel load input from high quality alloy tool steel. It is a heavy duty load cell for on board weighing in trucks and vehicles. The load cell D56S is a load cell with a high performance potting for superior environmental protection. It is primer painted for use in harsh industrial applications. The load cell is laser welded and meets the requirements of protection class IP68.

Area of application

Silo scales, tank scales, on board vehicle weighing systems - On board weighing, such as refuse collection trucks and tipper trucks, both rigid and trailer forms. "On board" weighing system to prevent overloading of vehicles.


  • Material: alloy steel, nickel-plated
  • Capacity: 10.000 - 30.000 kg
  • Construction: The measuring element is laser-welded
  • Protection class: IP 68
  • Easy to install
  • Rugged for off-road use
  • Compatible with other manufacturers


The heavy duty load cell is bolted directly to the structure.

Genauigkeitsklasse nach OIML R 60: G2
Nennlast (Emax): 10.000 kg, 20.000 kg, 30.000 kg, 40.000 kg, 50.000 kg
Anzahl der Teilungswerte (nLC): 2000
Nennkennwert (Cn): 1,8±0,005 (10, 40, 50t); 1,2±0,005 (30t), 2±0,005 (20t) mV/V
Mindestvorlast (Emin): 0
Grenzlast (EL): 150 % von Emax
Bruchlast (Ed): 300 % von Emax
Empfohlene Speisespannung (Uref): 5 - 12 V
Maximal zulässige Speisespannung (BU): 15 V
Nullabgleich: ≤ ± 1 % v. Cn
Eingangswiderstand (RLC) bei Referenztemperatur: 750 ± 10 Ω
Ausgangswiderstand (RO) bei Referenztemperatur: 702 ± 3 Ω
Isolationswiderstand: >5.000 MΩ
Kabellänge: Auf Anfrage
Nenntemperaturbereich (BT): - 10 ... + 40 °C
Gebrauchstemperaturbereich (Btu): - 30 ... + 70 °C
Schutzart nach (DIN 40.050 / EN 60529): IP 68
Werkstoff: Legierter Stahl
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Capacity, tLL1L2L3BB1B2HH1H2D1D2D3
10 200 170 85 60 80 50 50 60 50 7 26 18 M16
20, 30 300 240 110 60 120 70 70 120 115 28 43 26 M24
40, 50 300 240 110 60 150 70 80 120 115 30.5 43 26 M24

All dimensions in mm | Subject to technical changes

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