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Gepolsterte Kunststoffbehälter mit Schraubverschluss Gepolsterte Kunststoff Etui
für Einzelgewichte
Gepolsterte Kunststoff Etui für Einzelgewichte
Gepolsterte Kunststoffbehälter
mit Schraubverschluss
ab €6.00
Alu-Koffer, gepolstert Alu-Koffer
Alu-Koffer für Blockgewichte M1 - M3
für Blockgewichte
M1 - M3
ab €180.00
Gepolstertes Aluminiumkoffer für Prüfgewichte Alu-Etui, gepolstert
Gepolstertes Alu Etui für Einzelgewichte der Klassen E1 - M3
für Einzelgewichte
E1 - M3
ab €18.00
Aluminium Etui für Miligramgewichte Aluminium-Etui
für Miligramgewichte
Gepolsterte Aluminium Etui für Miligramgewichte
Gepolsterte Aluminiumbehälter
Kunststoff Etui für Miligramgewichte Kunststoff-Etui
für Miligramgewichte
Gepolsterte Kunststoff Etui für Miligramgewichte
Gepolsterte Kunststoffbehälter
mit Schraubverschluss
Second Ramp Second Ramp
for DSI Roll through scale
Second Ramp additional to DSI
Weighing modul for Ring-Torsion load cell Weighing module
In-built module for ring torsion load cells with limited lifting lock. For nominal loads of 10 t to 150 t per module. The weighing module for optimal force reception for the V50S ring torsion load cells is used for measuring loads in...
ab €750.00
Shear beam load cell K20N Shear beam load cell
The K20N shear beam load cells are among the most commonly used sensors in weighing technology. The load cells are made of high-alloy stainless steel and are characterised by high accuracy and linearity. The K20N load cells can be...
Capacity: 1.000 - 5.000 kg
Stainless steel
ab €183.00
Tensile measurement plate HFA Tensile measurement plate
Features of the tensile measurement plate Weighing capacity up to: 0.6 / 1 / 3 / 5 / 10 t Weighing units: kg, lb, N Robust aluminium housing Compact dimensions and minimum distance between upper and lower shackles Easy to use Large...
Weighing capacity up to
0.6 / 1 / 3 / 5 / 10 t
ab €590.00
Lastmessbolzen - Kraftmessbolzen - lOAD PIN Loadpins
The L20s are customer-specific, custom-made load pins. This means that existing load pins can be replaced without technical modification. They are used for measuring static and dynamic tensile forces and compressive loads. Depending on...
Capacity: Customised
Alloyed steel or stainless steel
Price on request
Rubberkit - Weighing module with rubber for tank or vessel Weighing module
Calibratable weighing module with elastomer bearing and base plate The loadblock B10-MB was specially developed for B10N and B10S bending beam load cells. Due to the introduction of the force with an elastomer, the optimal introduction...
Loadblock for bending beam load cells
up to 250 kg
ab €255.00
Hardware for load cell with self-aligning rubber element Weighing module
Calibratable weighing module made of stainless steel, with base plate and rubber-metal bearing force receptor The K30-ME mounting kit was specially developed for the shear beam load cells of the K30 series. A rubber-metal bearing, which...
Ideal for hopper or
tank weighing applications
ab €204.00
Kundenspezifische Wiegebalken OEM Weighbeams
Do you have special requirements, and need the appropriate weighbeams? Our specialists develop tailor-made solutions, which can then be perfectly integrated into your working process. You can freely choose the dimensions, weighing range,...
Dimensions according to
customer requirements
Solas Container wiegen Container weighing beam
Since July 1st the gross weight of each container has to be checked to increase the safety of container ships. BOSCHE designed the robust weighing beams DUO to meet these SOLAS regulations. The weighing scale offers everything you need...
2 weighing beams with indicator
Weighing range 20 t per beam
K24N-MZ mit integriertem Querlenker Weighing module
The stainless steel weighing module K24N-MZ with integrated wishbone was specially designed for the weighing of hoppers and tanks. The construction, with a wishbone and an integrated lifting device enable the weighing modules to be used...
Nominal load
1.000 - 10.000 kg
ab €685.00
Waagenbausatz Weighing set
Complete weighing components system for stationary and mobile applications. The system consists of four load cells, 4 load feet, 4 spacer plates, 3m data cable, junction box and power charger. So you have all the components needed for...
Easy construction of your own scale
ab €482.00
Paketwaage Versandwaage Package scale
The package scales of the PS SST series can be used anywhere in non-legal for trade applications (e.g. receiving of goods, production, warehouse or shipping). The separate indicator allows an easy weighing of bulky items. The scale is...
Capacity: 100 / 150 kg
Stainless steel platform: 330 x 330 mm
Kraftmessung für zur Bestimmung von Muskelfunktionen Hand strength measuring
instrument KFK-M
The digital dynamometer is used for the determination of muscle function in many areas of non medical diagnostics. This dynamometer is used for force measurement of limb muscles and provides concrete values. Thus, it is determined which...
Force measurement to determine
muscle functions
ab €350.00
Dynamometer - Handkraftmessgerät reha Hand grip dynamometer
This hand dynamometer allows an accurate measurement of hand strength.The hand-held power meter is ideal for measuring the gripping force of the hand in clinical use and rehabilitation treatments after accidents. The hand dynamometer...
Hand force measuring
Miniature load cells Miniature Load Cell
The H07A is a flat construction miniature single point load cell made from aluminum. The load cell is suitable for small platform scales with a platform size up to 200 x 200 mm. The load cell is ideally suited when only limited...
Capacity: 2 - 5 kg
Material: Aluminum
Wassergeschützte Edelstahlwaage IP 68 Stanless Steel Scale
The WSN is an outstanding stainless steel scale for industrial use. The scale is specially suitable for use in dusty and humid environments. Due to the high protection class (IP68) the scale is optimally protected against the ingress of...
Weighing range: 3/6 /15/ 30 kg
Stainless steel platform 235 x 200 mm, IP 68
ab €295.00
Ampel für Waagen - Ampelwaage Signal lamp
The SL signal transmitter is ideal for optical display at tolerance weighing with check scales. With this control lamp, the limits can be made ​​visible in order to exclude the carelessness of the staff. Thus, this control lamp is...
Three-color signal beacon
for check-weighing
€30.00 €60.00 *
Waage für Gabelstapler - Einfacher Anbau einer Waage Pallet truck scale
HLS-MW 2500
Die robusten Wägegabeln machen aus einem Gabelstapler einen Allrounder mit hoher Effizienz bei Wägeapplikationen an wechselnden Standorten. Die Staplerwaage spart Zeit und Transportwege, da der Weg zu einer stationerer Waage wegfellt....
Pallet truck with high-quality scale
Capacity up to 2500 kg
Printer TPS 143 Printer
TPS 143
Low-cost receipt printer with cutter, RS 232 and USB port in black. This printer stands out due to favorable pricing and highly qualified and fully equipped standard equipment and software from other receipt printers. It is suitable for...
Thermodrucker für Staplerwaage
Die EWI-T ist eine einfache, ekonomische Waagenanzeige Weighing terminal
The EWI is a simple weighing indicator that is suitable for straightforward weighing applications. You can connect up to 4 weighing platforms. Combined with the right load cells, this powerful weighing terminal can cover an extremely...
Study weighing terminal
Legal for trade - Aluminium housing
ab €360.00
Weighing Indicator MCI Weighing Indicator
The MCI is a powerful counting indicator, which is suitable for complex counting applications. As data is displayed on 3 LCD displays, the operator has all the most important information available at a glance. The weight and quantity...
Professional counting indicators
Legal for trade - in plastic housing
ab €440.00
Waagenanzeige MWI-T aus Aluminium Weighing terminal
The MWI is a high-performance multifunction weighing indicator that is suitable for complex weighing applications. The large, high-contrast 60 mm LCD display ensures good readability. Up to 4 weighing platforms can be connected. Combined...
Professional weighing terminal
Legal for trade
ab €410.00
Volumenwaage zur Volumenmessung Made in Germany Volume scale
3D Silence
Quick - Accurate - Soundless Modern warehouse management and order picking require exact item master data. To improve quality in the process the accurate determination of the dimensions and weights for accurate freight billing and the...
Non-contact static volume and
weighing measurement system
ab €6,500.00
Hoheverstellbarer Materialständer mit Rollen und integrierter Waage Mobile Workstation with an integrated weighing system
A mobile way to record weights/quantities This mobile picking system is a weighing unit that is not tied to a specific location and includes reference and quantity scales , which enable precise recording, even of larger items (e.g. of...
Mobiles Kommissioniersystem mit integrierter
Price on request
Klappbare Kleintierwaage für das Wiegen von Kleintieren Small Animal scale
SP 8320
The SP 8320 is a mobile small animal scale for the determination of the body weight of small animals up to 15 kg. It makes it easy to weigh animals such as rabbits, cats, big fish, turtles or chicken. Thanks folding function it is easy...
For weighing small animals
Capacity: 15 kg | Readability 10 g
ab €143.00
Wiegebalken mit robustem Industriestecker Weigh beam
Weighing beams with matching display offer a complete weighing assembly system for stationary or mobile use. The system consists of a display of your choice and two sturdy hot-dip galvanised beams with integrated load cells. The tube...
Short weighing beams 1.00 m or 1,20 mybr />Capacity: 600 / 1500 / 3000 kg
ab €632.00
Plattformwaage IPS MW Platform scale
The IPS high-quality, digital platform scales were developed specifically for everyday use in industrial and commercial applications. Whether you need to weigh large or small parcels, components or bulky articles, you can weigh almost...
Capacity: 30 / 60 / 150 kg
Platform size: 420 x 520 mm
Weighing platform MP Weighing platform
The weighing platform MP, with the latest weighing sensor technology, was developed for professional use in industry and trade. Its beautiful design is impressive. The extremely flat design and the relatively low weight are further...
Weighing capacity up to 30kg
Stainless steel platform
ab €230.00
Farbmischwaage - Waage mit runder Plattform Weighing platform
The robust weighing platform CP is equipped with state-of-the-art weighing sensor technology and impresses users with its innovative, round design. Features of the weighing platform Stainless steel platform Dimensions: Ø 232 mm Capacity:...
Platform size: Ø 232 mm
Capacity: 3 kg | 6 kg | 15 kg
ab €230.00
Fasswaage zur Bestimmung von Restmengen im Fass Barrel Scale
The integradet access ramp facilitates the application of barrels, the increased lateral spars avoid falling down the barrel. The combination of the weighing platform with the high-quality multifunction display MWI is intended for...
Capacity: 300 / 600 kg
Platform size: 640 x 617 mm
ab €1,190.00
Stabile Stehhilfewaage mit Haltestützen Handrail scale
The verifiable handrail scale K-MTS offers robust quality for the daily use for a reasonable price. The sturdy support railing is ideal for weighing elderly or debilitated people who have to hold or support while weighing. Through its...
Stable handrail scale
ab €1,190.00
Große Rollstuhlwaage Eichfähig mit Medizinzulassung Wheelchair platform scale
The verifiable wheelchair scale K-MWS is an affordable model in the wheelchair scales and is suitable for everyday use. This scale is suitable for use in hospitals and clinics through their certification and medical approval. With the...
Large wheelchair scale with
low profile for easy drive-through
ab €1,230.00
Flachwaage mit BMI-Funktion Personal floor scale
The flat scale K-MPB is a robust scale for determining the body weight of patients. With the BMI function, you can easily evaluate the nutritional status of the patient and recommend a nutrition plan with weight control. Features Flat...
Personal floor scale with BMI function
Platform size: 315 x 300 x 60 mm
ab €215.00
Hebammenwaage - Babywaage Baby scale
SP 8320
The SP 8320 is a mobile baby scale for the determination of the body weight of infants. As the first baby scale with practical folding function, it can be easily reduced to half their length and impresses with its low weight. The small...
Foldable midwives scale
with integrated carrying handle
ab €135.00
Preisgünstige Babywaage Baby scale
SP 8310
The baby scale SP 8310 is a elegant scale to determine the baby's body weight. The measurement is performed in 10 g increments, making it ideal for checking the development and food intake (eg when breastfeeding) of the babies. Features...
Cheap baby scale for an optimal start in life
Robuste Waage für übergewichtige Patienten bis 300 kg Obesity scale
The verifiable obesity scale K-MXS is a robust scale with a high weighing capacity for the determination of the body weight of obese patients. This scale is suitable for use in hospitals and clinics through their certification and...
Affordable obesity scale
for overweight patients up to 300 kg
ab €935.00
Adipositaswaage geeicht mit Medizinzulassung Obesity scale
The verifiable obesity scale K-MPT is a robust scale for determining the body weight of obese patients. This scale is suitable for use in hospitals and clinics through their certification and medical approval. With the BMI function, you...
capacity up to 300 kg
Legal for trade with medical approval
ab €610.00 €640.00 *
Mobile Palettenwaage Geeicht als Zählwaage Pallet scale
The ASP-MC is a powerful pallet counting scale which is suitable for complex counting applications. Due to the low weight, a pallet scale is the ideal solution for quick and easy weighing at different locations. To make it easier to...
Legal for trade pallet scale
Capacity: 600 / 1500 / 3000 kg
Durchfahrzählwaagen als Zählwaagen Roll Through Scale
The verifiable roll-through counting scale DSI MC is a precise counting scale for fast counting equal weight parts. You can determine unknown quantities, check known quantities and commission. The scales of the Bosche RSI series are...
Capacity: 600/1500 kg
Weighing platform: 1x1,5m
Platform scale IPS-MC Platform scale
The IPS high-quality, digital platform scales were developed specifically for everyday use in industrial and commercial applications. The IPS-C platform scale is a precise counting scale for quick weight of equal parts. You can determine...
Legal for trade platform counting scale
Capacity: 30 / 60 / 150 kg
Überfahrwaagen als Zählwaagen Roll-through scale
They are ideally suited for weighing small mobile containers (e.g. in a laundry, wire cage trolleys, container trolleys, transport trolleys, roll containers or waste containers, etc.). These roll-through scales are often used as laundry...
capacity : 300 / 600 kg
weighing surface: 0,8x0,8m | 1x1m
ab €1,430.00
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