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Second Ramp Second Ramp
for DSI Roll through scale
Second Ramp additional to DSI
Shear beam load cell K20N Shear beam load cell
The K20N shear beam load cells are among the most commonly used sensors in weighing technology. The load cells are made of high-alloy stainless steel and are characterised by high accuracy and linearity. The K20N load cells can be...
Capacity: 1.000 - 5.000 kg
Stainless steel
ab €183.00
Weighing modul for Ring-Torsion load cell Weighing module
In-built module for ring torsion load cells with limited lifting lock. For nominal loads of 10 t to 150 t per module. The weighing module for optimal force reception for the V50S ring torsion load cells is used for measuring loads in...
Tensile measurement plate HFA Tensile measurement plate
Features of the tensile measurement plate Weighing capacity up to: 0.6 / 1 / 3 / 5 / 10 t Weighing units: kg, lb, N Robust aluminium housing Compact dimensions and minimum distance between upper and lower shackles Easy to use Large...
Weighing capacity up to
0.6 / 1 / 3 / 5 / 10 t
ab €590.00
Lastmessbolzen - Kraftmessbolzen - lOAD PIN Loadpins
The L20s are customer-specific, custom-made load pins. This means that existing load pins can be replaced without technical modification. They are used for measuring static and dynamic tensile forces and compressive loads. Depending on...
Capacity: Customised
Alloyed steel or stainless steel
Hardware for load cell with self-aligning rubber element Weighing module
Calibratable weighing module made of stainless steel, with base plate and rubber-metal bearing force receptor The K30-ME mounting kit was specially developed for the shear beam load cells of the K30 series. A rubber-metal bearing, which...
Ideal for hopper or
tank weighing applications
ab €204.00
Rubberkit - Weighing module with rubber for tank or vessel Weighing module
Calibratable weighing module with elastomer bearing and base plate The loadblock B10-MB was specially developed for B10N and B10S bending beam load cells. Due to the introduction of the force with an elastomer, the optimal introduction...
Loadblock for bending beam load cells
up to 250 kg
ab €255.00
Kundenspezifische Wiegebalken OEM Weighbeams
Do you have special requirements, and need the appropriate weighbeams? Our specialists develop tailor-made solutions, which can then be perfectly integrated into your working process. You can freely choose the dimensions, weighing range,...
Dimensions according to
customer requirements
Solas Container wiegen Container weighing beam
Since July 1st the gross weight of each container has to be checked to increase the safety of container ships. BOSCHE designed the robust weighing beams DUO to meet these SOLAS regulations. The weighing scale offers everything you need...
2 weighing beams with indicator
Weighing range 20 t per beam
K24N-MZ mit integriertem Querlenker Weighing module
The stainless steel weighing module K24N-MZ with integrated wishbone was specially designed for the weighing of hoppers and tanks. The construction, with a wishbone and an integrated lifting device enable the weighing modules to be used...
Nominal load
1.000 - 10.000 kg
ab €685.00
Precision balance FW-K Precision balance
The multi-functional precision balance FW-K has been specially developed for simple applications in laboratory, schools and industry. Features Verifiable according to accuracy class III Stainless steel platform Capacity 1200 g / / 3000 g...
Legal for trade laboratory scale
Weighing range: 1.2 / 3 / 6 kg
ab €250.00
Animal scale ETW VA Animal scale
You can reduce sort losses considerably by weighing pigs. The ETW VA are high-quality single animal scales that can also be used as sorting scales. The key features of these livestock scales are listed below: Features Portable Weigh...
Portable Weigh Crate for weighing of pigs
Capacity 300 kg | Readability 500 g
ab €1,950.00
Plattfor Plattform Load Cell H20A with OIML Single point load cell
The H20A is a high strength single point load cell with Dual beam system with a high natural frequency made from Aluminium. The load cell is suitable for low cost platform scales and weighing machines with accuracy class III. The load...
Capacity: 20 - 100 kg
Material: Aluminium
zippcube® Volume measurement system
Semiautomatic volume and weight measurement of Non-Rectangular / Irregular-Shaped Items Modern WMS (Warehouse Management System) and order picking require exact collection of master data like weight and dimension. The zippcube will...
Semiautomatic volume and weight measurement of Non-Rectangular / Irregular-Shaped Items
Price on request
Klemmkasten JBO-08 für 8 Wägezellen mit Festwiederstand Load Cell
Cable-Junction Box
Large, robust aluminum terminal box for connecting up to 6 load cells Waterproof IP 68 Features Large terminal box for up to 6 load cells à 750 Ohm Industrial-grade aluminum body Corner adjustment by inserting a fixed resistor Inputs and...
Large, robust aluminum terminal box
for connecting up to 6 load cells Waterproof IP 68
ab €136.00
Bodenwaaage - Zählwaage mit Waagenanzeige MCI Floor scale
The floor scales of the BOSCHE FSB range are ideally suited for use in harsh industrial environments. FSB MC is a powerful floor-counting scale, which is suitable for complex counting applications. The FSB MC floor scale is a precise...
Capacity: 600 / 1500 / 3000 kg
1x1m | 1,2x1,2m | 1,2x1,5m | 1,5x1,5m
ab €1,475.00
Mobile Palettenwaage Geeicht als Zählwaage Pallet scale
The ASP-MC is a powerful pallet counting scale which is suitable for complex counting applications. Due to the low weight, a pallet scale is the ideal solution for quick and easy weighing at different locations. To make it easier to...
Legal for trade pallet scale
Capacity: 600 / 1500 / 3000 kg
Mobile Palettenwaagenv geeicht bis 1500 kg Pallet scaley
Due to the low weight, a pallet scale is the ideal solution for quick and easy weighing at different locations. To make it easier to transport the lightweight 40 kg verifiable pallet scale, the U-frame is fitted with a handle and two...
Legal for trade pallet scale
Capacity: 600 / 1500 / 3000 kg
Palettenwaage preiswert kaufen Pallet Scale
Due to the low weight, a pallet scale is the ideal solution for quick and easy weighing at different locations. To make it easier to transport the lightweight 40 kg verifiable pallet scales, the U-frame is fitted with a handle and two...
Pallet scale for easy weighing
Capacity: 600 / 1500 / 3000 kg
€1,095.00 €1,199.00 *
Industrie-PC Lüfterloses Design ohne bewegliche Teile PC-based weighing terminal
AL-logic HMI 15
The AL-logic HMI 15 "PC weighing terminal is an ideal solution: a computer and a weighing module are included in one housing. This Windows-based weighing PC is the high-end device among industrial terminals. Various custom weighing...
AL-logic 15 inch touch screen
and 24-bit A / D converter
ab €1,750.00
Fernanzeige füe Waage mit ultrahellen LED Numeric display
The remote display RD150 with large matrix display is composed of very intense bright SMD LEDs. The RD 150 is a versatile display for displaying ASCII serial data and is used for displaying weight data at various points and areas. The...
Großanzeige mit 150 mm Ziffernhöhe
im Aluminiumgehäuse mit ultrahellen LEDs, IP 64
€690.00 €980.00 *
Lastfuß Load foot
Vibrating metal load foot as self-centering elastomer bearing for loads up to 500 kg for load cells of type B10 Type Capacity, Emax Material Price , excl. VAT GML-B10-0050 10 - 50 kg galvanized steel 25,- GML-B10-0250 100 - 250 kg...
Schwingmetall-Lastfuß als Lasteinleitung für Wägezellen
ab €25.00
Digital Calf scale Calf scale
1-2-3 Animal scales
1-2-3 calves scale is a weighing system for electronic weight sensing of individual animals with an automatic animal identification and data acquisition. For automatic identification of animal ensures the Mulitreader (FDX / HDX -...
Automatic RFID animal identification
Capacity: 300 kg | Readability 500 g
Akkus für Waagen Akkumulator
Spezial-Bleibatterie mit geringem Innenwiderstand für hohe kurzzeitige Strombelastung. Wartungsfreier Blei-Vlies-Akku. Produktbild dient als Beispielabbildung. Nach dem Kauf eines einzelnen Akkus, nehmen wir Kontakt zu Ihnen auf , um das...
Wartungsfreier Blei-Akku von Panasonic
Tension and Compression load cell V60S Tension and Compression
load cell V60S
The Tension and Compression Load Cell V60S is a low profile, high performance ring torsion type load cell and one of the newer products of weighing technology. The load cell has a symmetrical structure and very compact. The force is...
Capacity: 3 - 20 t
Alloy steel, laser-welded
ab €275.00
Wägetisch mit integriertem Zählwaage mit Referenz- und Mengenwaage Wägetisch mit Zählwaage und Referenzwaage
The BOSCHE weighing table consists of a reference scale for precise calculation of the weight of a single piece and a bulk scale to calculate the total amount of objects. These two scales are connected to the powerful counting indicator...
Weighing table with counting scale system
Price on request
Flachform-Hubtisch mit Waage und drehbarer Arbeitsfläche Hydraulic lift table scale HTWH
Parts are often picked at the production tool machines directly for shipping. The exact target quantity plays an important role. Missing parts can be claimed by customers and damage trust. If too many parts are packaged, this is not...
Flat lift table with
rotating work surface
Price on request
Mobiler Scherenhubtisch mit Waage Lifting table scale
manually HTW
The mobile scissor lift table with integrated scale ensures ergonomic operation. This high-quality lift table with mounting scale has a wide range of applications in picking or placement in the warehouse, freight forwarders or in...
Mobile scissor lift table
Capacity: 500 / 1000 / 1500 kg
ab €1,595.00
Stationäre Hubtischwaage bis 2000 kg Electrical lifting table
platform scale HTWE
Electric lifting table with integrated scale for ergonomic working. These high-quality, stationary scissor lift tables with pick and place scales have a wide range of applications in loading or placement in warehouses, trucking...
Stationary scissor lift table with scale
Capacity: 500 / 1000 / 2000 kg
ab €3,600.00
 Integration von Waagen in Rollenbahnen Roller conveyor
Time is money => especially in online and mail order businesses. Fast and flexible weighing systems are in demand here, which can be easily integrated into a conveyor line. This is precisely where the BOSCHE roller conveyor scales come...
Easy integration
Customised dimensions possible
Bodenwaage eichfähig bis 3.000 kg Heavy duty scale
The floor scales of the BOSCHE FSB range are ideally suited for use in harsh industrial environments. Despite the very high nominal load these floor scales are oversized so that the robust construction have high reserves and thus an...
Capacity: 6000 / 8000 kg
Custom size platform
Price on request
Edelstahlpalettenwaage - Palettenwaage aus Edelstahl Pallet scale
The BOSCHE - Pallet Scales of the ASP SST series made of stainless steel are equipped with hermetically sealed IP65 stainless steel load cells. These ensure a long service life, reliability and resistance to many years of daily stress in...
Pallet scale made of stainless steel
Capacity: 600 / 1500 / 3000 kg
Price on request
Weighing table with picking system Workstation with an integrated weighing system
With high-precision reference scale and high-heavy bulk scale. Ideal for monitoring during picking or counting tasks (eg. As in the inventory). Made in Germany . Picking workstation with an integrated weighing system Integrated reference...
Zähl- Wägetisch mit PC basierendem Zählsystem mit ERP-Anbindung
Mobile picking system Mobile Workstation with an integrated weighing system
A mobile way to record weights/quantities This mobile picking system is a weighing unit that is not tied to a specific location and includes reference and quantity scales , which enable precise recording, even of larger items (e.g. of...
Mobiles Kommissioniersystem mit integrierter Waage
Hochauflösende Kranwaage bis 6.000 kg Crane scale
The digital crane scales KBK are particularly suited to heavy duty industrial applications. They can be easily attached to a trolley or crane by means of a hook. Thanks to their reliability, ease-of-use and a particularly long service...
Capacity up to 6 t
Precise design with 0.5 kg increments
ab €999.00 €1,200.00 *
Volumenwaage zur Volumenmessung Made in Germany Volume scale
3D Silence
Quick - Accurate - Soundless Modern warehouse management and order picking require exact item master data. To improve quality in the process the accurate determination of the dimensions and weights for accurate freight billing and the...
Non-contact static volume and
weighing measurement system
ab €6,500.00
Mobile Hundewaagen - Veterinärwaagen für Tierärzte Dog Scale
This animal scale is excellent for weighing of small animals such as cats or dogs in the veterinary medicine (Veterinarian, animal shelter). 2 platform sizes are available: VWS 0505 with a 550 x 550 mm large platform VWS 0509 with a 900...
For veterinarians and animal clinics
Capacity: 60 / 150 / 300 kg
ab €315.00
WTQ - Digitaler 4-Kanal Wägetransmitter mit SPS-Schnittstellen und Feldbussen Weight Transmitter
The WTB is a highly accurate digital scale transmitter with 24-bit AD converter, which converts the output signals of the connected load cells in a stable weight value. This versatile and extremely reliable weight transmitter shows fast...
Legal for trade digital measuring amplifier for strain gauge full bridges - load cells
ab €200.00
Body fat scale K-MFB Body fat scale
The K-MFB body fat scale measures except weight and body fat, also water content, muscle and bone weight. The scale is perfect for use in health and fitness clubs, sports and training centers and suitable for nutritional counseling....
Design body fat scales
for health-conscious
Hubwagen mit Zähl-Waage bei BOSCHE Pallet truck scales
HLS-MC 2500
The pallet truck with integrated counting Scale is the ideal solution for quick and easy weighing and counting at different locations. Especially in logistics, the pallet truck scale is advantageous. The pallet trucks with scale are...
Pallet truck with counting scale
Capacity up to 2500 kg
ab €1,495.00
Hubwagen mit hochwertiger Waage  bis 2500 kg Pallet truck scale
HLS-MW 2500
The pallet truck scale is the ideal solution for complex weighing applications at different locations. With a total capacity of 2500 kg, and a division of 500 g, a precisely weight detection is guaranteed at any height. Especially in the...
Pallet truck with high-quality scale
Capacity up to 2500 kg
ab €1,495.00
Durchfahrzählwaagen als Zählwaagen Roll Through Scale
The verifiable roll-through counting scale DSI MC is a precise counting scale for fast counting equal weight parts. You can determine unknown quantities, check known quantities and commission. The scales of the Bosche RSI series are...
Capacity: 600/1500 kg
Weighing platform: 1x1,5m
Durchfahrwaage geeicht bis 1500 kg Roll Through Scales
The flat- bed scales Bosche DSI series are versatile. The low profile scales have a small ramp for easy sail the balance. As standard, the balance is delivered space with a ramp. Here, optionally, at the other end of the scale, a...
Weighing range: 600 kg
Weighing platform: 1x1,5m
Durchfahrwaage mit 1 Rampe bis 600 kg Flat-bed scales
The Bosche flat-bed scales in the DSI range are extremely versatile. The scales come with one ramp as standard, therefore saving space. A second optional ramp allows the samples to be rolled or wheeled through. These scales are...
Capacity: 600 / 1.500 / 3.000kg
Weighing platform: 1 x 1.5 m
Counting scale CS Counting scale
The inventory scale CS is a precise counting scale for quick weighing of equal small parts of all kinds; you can determine unknown quantities and control known amounts. The scale is versatile and easy to use - even a little experienced...
Capacity: 6 / 15 / 30 kg
Stainless steel platform: 300 x 225 mm
€209.00 €239.00 *
Hochlast-Kranwaage aus Edelstahl 3t - 50t High load crane scales
The HDW stainless steel crane scales (galvanised shackles) are reliable, easy to operate and suitable for weighing high loads. They serves as a single safety system for lifting and weighing loads of up to 50 t. Here, they combine...
Weighing capacity up to
3 / 6 / 9 / 12 / 17 / 25 / / 35 / 55 t
ab €990.00
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