Precision integration of scales components

To determine exact weights, you need high-quality load cells and transmitters. In addition, your scales must be equipped with components that allow for easy operation and safe load handling. Do you need a turn-key weighing system or require accessories for your existing equipment? BOSCHE offers a broad range of scales components for tailor-made solutions as well as add-ons. More ...

Components for customised scales

For highly specialised processes, companies require carefully chosen components from which they can build their own functional weighing devices. BOSCHE offers everything you need, from the core component, i.e. the load cell, to displays, calibration weights and accessories for any type of scales. To find out more, go to our online shop or give us a call.

Verified calibration weights and user-friendly displays

Electronic precision scales need to be adjusted from time to time, using verified calibration weights. This is of course a key requirement when it comes to pricing by weight or in connection with customs clearance. However, accurate weighing is also important in connection with production, logistics and goods handling or in the agricultural sector, as calibration weights help you to meet the relevant quality standards. In our online shop, you find various block, calibration and individual weights as well as a number of heavy weights and complete calibration kits for the checking and adjustment of various types of scales. On request, we provide DKD calibration certificates for these weights, certifying compliance with ISO 9000ff. Please note that calibration certificates are valid only for one or maximum four years, depending on the error margin class.

Scales components: weighing terminals and evaluation electronics

The BOSCHE portfolio contains two types of display units for installation in existing and new weighing platforms:

  • Weighing terminals with weight display and control unit
  • Display units without integrated control function

The first type of display unit now comes as standard with many scales, while the second type is generally installed as a secondary or remote display. Electronic weighing units must be equipped with a measuring amplifier. BOSCHE supplies amplifiers for strain gauges converting the resistance of the strain gauge into an electric pulse that is interpreted by the weight display. Our portfolio also includes tailor-made software for your evaluation devices and other electronic components for scales. Our user-friendly software allows for control from a PC and the storage of measurements on a digital memory device.

Scales components: specialised load cells from BOSCHE

Load cells are at the heart of all modern precision scales and they determine the accuracy of the weighing device and its suitability for a particular purpose. Small platform scales normally feature a single load cell, while mobile pallet scales come with four or more such cells. BOSCHE supplies many types of load cells, catering for a wide range of applications. They include:

  • Bending beams
  • Shear beams
  • Double shear beams
  • Compression load cells
  • Single-point-load cells
  • S-type load cells

In addition, we offer specialised load cell types and complete weighing modules that include all mechanical components required for optimised load application. 

Practical accessories for weighing systems 

Most weighing platforms can be upgraded with useful accessories such as large displays, transport trolleys and weighing tables, or even printers for documentation purposes. Other add-on components for our weighing systems are for example signalling lamps configured for specific weight or quantity ranges, digital cable boxes and connecting cables. We also offer a complete range of spare parts. For BOSCHE, customer service begins with solution-focused advice. We assist our customers in the maintenance of their weighing equipment and help them upgrade their existing industrial scales.