Special scales and system solutions

The design and construction of special scales is an area where expert knowledge is required. Only few scales manufacturers are capable of producing solutions that meet the requirements of modern production processes and systems. Thanks to its expert technicians, sales staff and software developers, BOSCHE assists you in devising and commissioning special scales and system solutions that meet your requirements.

Many specialized scales are actually part of the standard BOSCHE product range, such as machine scales, traffic-light scales for workshops with disabled workers, or jump scales. Read more...

Retrofitting and upgrading on demand

If you wish to modernise your production, logistics or packing processes without costly investment in new equipment, contact BOSCHE to find out how your machines, filling plants and transport facilities can be upgraded.

Old equipment is often built to last. In many cases, such machines can be upgraded to serve as scales by retrofitting the necessary weighing components, so that you can use them for checking, picking and packaging purposes.

Alternatively, simply buy a suitable piece of equipment from your supplier and have it upgraded by BOSCHE to serve as scales.


Standard retrofit packs

BOSCHE specializes in the retrofitting of mechanical and hydraulic lifting tables, big-bag scales and fertiliser spreaders.