Coil scale

Robuste Coilwaage bis 40t
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    • Akkumulator
    • Coil scale<br />SCW
    • Coil scales U-shaped design<br />Capacity up to 40 t
    Coil scale in U-shaped design for use in the heavy equipment industry. Steel is sold in coils.... more
    Product information "Coil scale SCW"

    Coil scale in U-shaped design for use in the heavy equipment industry. Steel is sold in coils.
    The high quality coil scale ensures at current steel prices the precise weight control when weighing the coils.
    The rechargeable battery (approx. 100 hours) guarantees high mobility. This mobility makes the scale to an essential everyday helper.


    • Capacity: up to 40 000 kg / Readability 5 kg
    • Painted steel weighing platform
    • Maintenance and wear-free weighing equipment
    • EWI indicator in a aluminium housing with adjustable backlight 
    • 60mm LCD backlit display
    • Very simple, user-friendly dust- and waterproof foil keypad
    • Basic functions: gross, net, tare, HIGH-LOW-OK function
    • Memory for number of weighings, and the resulting total weight
    • Mains operation as standard
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