• Sturdy pallet scale for logistic and transport applications
  • Verifiable according to accuracy class III
  • Weighing frame made of powder-coated steel
  • Flat construction (75 mm high) for easy loading
  • Capacity: 600 kg / 1500 kg / 3000 kg
  • U-frame 1200 x 800 mm for weighing of Euro-pallets
  • Four laser-welded stainless steel load cells, IP 68
  • Indicator MWI in a plastic housing with adjustable backlight
  • Includes lift handle and transport wheels
  • Low weight ( 40 kg) allows a quick change of location
  • Robust installed Harting Industrial plug protected

Price list

Non-verifiableWeighing range, MaxReadability, dScale displayPrice €, excl. VAT.
ASP 0600 GTW-T 600 kg 100 g GTW-T 1310,-
ASP 1500 GTW-T 1.500 kg 200 g 1310,-
ASP 3000 GTW-T 3.000 kg 500 g 1310,-
VerifiableWeighing range, MaxVerification value, eScale displayPrice €, excl. VAT.
ASP 0600 MWI-T m_002 600 kg 200 g MWI-T 1410,-
ASP 1500 MWI-T m_002 1.500 kg 500 g 1410,-
ASP 3000 MWI-T m_002 3.000 kg 1.000 g 1410,-
Sondermaß       on request
E 1500 Verification costs up to weighing range 1,500 kg. 130,-
E 6000 Verification costs up to weighing range 6,000kg. 300,-
Stand Robust designer stand with insertable display holder 69,-
Battery Internal rechargeable battery with mains charger  39,-
Signal light Internal integrated signal light 30,-

Insertion plate loadable up to 300 kg. Drive-on insertion plate for weighing smaller objects without a Euro pallet.

Palettenwaage_Einlegeblech 350,-

Collision protection
Collision protection protects the pallet scales from damage


Palettenwaage_Anfahrschutz 280,-



The mobile pallet scale can be easily transported by the transport rollers.



The U shape of the verifiable pallet scale allows an easy placement of the EU pallets by driving directly the pallet with the pallet truck between each fork and placed on the spars of the pallet scale.




Weighing technology - Functions

The U shaped weighing bridge is equipped with four high-quality load cells.
The indicator MWI record individual weighing results and also return the total of all weights in the weighing run. The weights are shown on a user-friendly 60 mm display. The tare function covers the entire measuring range.

Power supply and interfaces

The pallet scale is supplied for mains operation as standard (mains plug included). The optional rechargeable battery allows for weighing without connection to the mains supply. The optional serial RS-232 data interface permits a bidirectional data transfer of the weights to a printer, PC or second display. Transmission cables, second display or printers are available as accessories.