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Volume scale
3D Silence

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    ISO calibration certificate 150 kg
    ISO calibration certificate 150 kg
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    • Volume scale<br />3D Silence
    • Non-contact static volume and<br />weighing measurement system
    Made in Germany
    Made in Germany
    Made in Germany
    Quick - Accurate - Soundless Modern warehouse management and order picking require exact item... more
    Product information "Volume scale 3D Silence"

    Quick - Accurate - Soundless

    Modern warehouse management and order picking require exact item master data.
    To improve quality in the process the accurate determination of the dimensions and weights for accurate freight billing and the actually required transport or storage space is essentially.
    The BOSCHE volume scale 3D Silence is the ideal tool for non-contact detection of volume and weight of packages.
    The semi-automatic measurement of dimensions (length x width x height ) and weight takes place in a matter of seconds.
    On the basis of the measurements, the correct packaging can be determined and warehouse and cargo plans can be organized.
    The high-precision laser sensors which scan the rectangular boxes provide the non-contact dimension measurement.
    During the weighing then the corresponding volume weight is calculated. Via an interface connection the values determined can be adopted to the master data of the stock management system.
    An optional camera can record to the master data the respective product photo.


    • Dimensioning - Weighing & Cubing system 
    • Fast, non-contact dimensional detection of packages
    • Frame made of powder-coated steel
    • Low construction height for easy application of the packets
    • Capacity: 30 kg , 60 kg and 150 kg
    • Reliable weighing by three verifiable, laser-welded load cells
    • Three high-quality laser distance (TOF - time of light) sensors with laser class 1
    • Silent measuring of the goods
    • Maintenance and wear-free execution of weighing
    • Height adjustable feet allow leveling of the system
    • Easy handling with ease of use
    • Easy integration with ERP and shipping systems
    • Direct connection to existing PC systems via RS-232 or USB interface
    • Easy process integration
    • Intuitive software provides all the data at a glance


    • Camera
    • Measuring stop for measurement of non-cubic objects
    • Trolley for use as a mobile workplace

    Area of applicaion

    • Master data
    • Calculation for packaging sizes for shipping
    • Capacity planning - planning of storage areas
    • Viability review of storage room and packaging processes
    • optimized truck trips
    • optimal use of storage space for trucks


    • Paketvermessung => Länge ♦ Breite ♦ Höhe=> Gurtmaß =>Volumenmessung 
    • Stammdatenerfassung Frachtcheckpunkte ·
    • Luftfrachtkontrolle - Frachtannahme 
    • Verpackungsplanung - Berechnung von Verpackungsgrößen für den Versand
    • Optimale Verpackung berechnen
    • Kapazitätsplanung - Planung von Lageplätzen
    • Rentabilitätsprüfung von Lagerraum und Verpackungsprozessen 
    • Optimierte Staplerfahrten
    • Optimale Stauraumnutzung bei LKW

    Sekundenschnelle Stammdatenerfassung: Höhe, Länge, Breite, Gewicht


    The extremely flat construction of the weighing bridge made of powder-coated steel is extremely robust. It is equipped with three laser-welded load cells.
    Three high-quality laser distance sensors with laser class 1 provide the volume measurement (completely harmless to the eye). These laser measure 5 mm exactly the length, width and height of the package.
    For an optimal integration into your processes the BOSCHE 3D scale is available in three different sizes.
    Weighing range: 30 kg, 60 kg or 150 kg.

    Weighing technology

    The platform is equipped with three high-quality laser-welded load cells.
    The platform is connected via an RS232 or USB-> RS232 interface with a Windows PC.
    The included software visualizes weight and dimension data directly on your Windows computer.
    Also, the calculated volume and volume weight is displayed.





    Volume scale
    Silence 600
    830 mm 785 mm 915 mm 600 mm 600 mm 660 mm
    Volume scale
    Silence 800
    1030 mm 985 mm 1100 mm 800 mm 800 mm 860 mm
    Volume scale
    Silence 1000
    1230 mm 1185 mm 1100 mm 1000 mm 1000 mm 860 mm
    Volume scale
    Silence 1200
    1430 mm 1385 mm 1100 mm 1200 mm 1200 mm 860 mm
    Volume scale
    special size
    on request

    Volume scale in OEM special size:
    Volumenwaage in Kundenspezifischer Ausführung mit Sondermaß


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