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Volume scale
3D Silence

  • BOSCHE Wägetechnik
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    PC-based weighing terminal AL-logic HMI 15 12"
    PC-based weighing terminal AL-logic HMI 15 12"
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    • Volume scale<br />3D Silence
    • Non-contact static volume and<br />weighing measurement system
    Made in Germany
    Made in Germany
    Made in Germany
    3D Silence 600
    From 1
    3D Silence 800
    From 1
    3D Silence 1000
    From 1
    Volume and weight recording for master data entry and master data maintenance in the warehouse... more
    Product information "Volume scale 3D Silence"

    Volume and weight recording for master data entry and master data maintenance in the warehouse

    Fast - Accurate - Reliable

    Modern warehouse management and order picking require exact item master data. Quality improvement in the process includes the precise determination of dimensions (girth) and weight for accurate freight billing and the actual transport or storage space required. The BOSCHE volume scale 3D is the ideal tool for non-contact volume and weight measurement of packages. The semi-automatic measurement (length x width x height and weight) is carried out in seconds. Based on the dimensions, the correct packaging material can be determined and warehouse loading plans can be organised. Three high-precision laser sensors that scan the cuboid cartons ensure non-contact dimension measurement. During weighing, the corresponding volume weight is calculated. An optional camera can record the respective product photo for the master data.

    Count on BOSCHE quality Made in Germany


    • Dimensioning - Weighing & Cubing system 
    • Fast, non-contact dimensional detection of packages
    • Frame made of powder-coated steel
    • Low construction height for easy application of the packets
    • Capacity: 30 kg , 60 kg and 150 kg
    • Reliable weighing by three verifiable, laser-welded load cells
    • Three high-quality laser distance (TOF - time of light) sensors with laser class 2
    • Silent measuring of the goods
    • Maintenance and wear-free execution of weighing
    • Easy handling with ease of use
    • Easy integration with ERP and shipping systems
    • Direct connection to existing PC systems via RS-232 or USB interface
    • Easy process integration
    • Intuitive software provides all the data at a glance

    Area of applicaion

    • Parcel measurement => length ♦ width ♦ height=> girth => volume measurement (accuracy to 1.5 mm)
    • Master data entry - cargo check points
    • Air cargo check - cargo acceptance
    • Packaging planning - Calculation of packaging sizes for optimal shipment
    • Capacity planning - planning of storage locations
    • Profitability check of storage space and packing processes
    • Optimised forklift travel
    • Best possible use of truck storage space

    Master data acquisition in seconds: height, length, width, weight

    Weighing technology- Metrology

    The scale platform is connected to a Windows PC via a USB interface.
    The software included in the delivery visualises weight and dimension data directly on your Windows computer.
    The calculated volume and volume weight is also displayed.

    Reproducibility: maximum  mm ± 1.5
    Laser class (EN60825-1)   2
    Max. perm. extraneous light lux 10.000
    Temperature range °C  - 40 ... + 50


    The software included in the scope of delivery visualises weight and dimension data directly on the supplied or your own Windows computer. The software of the volume-weight meter calculates the volume and volume weight from the dimensions and weight.
    Hotkeys allow easy export to your shipping system. Various function keys on your keyboard are available for this purpose, which write the data directly to the cursor position. The configurable software can be adapted on request (other language, scanner as trigger, etc.). Via interface connection, the determined values can be transferred directly into the master data of the warehouse management system (WMS).


    • Measuring flange for measurement of non-cubic objects
    • Camera
    • Industrial PC
    • Transport trolley for use as a mobile workstation
    • Battery system for self-sufficient power supply

    Scope of delivery

    • Scale frame with integrated laser sensors
    • Software


    The extremely flat weighbridge substructure made of powder-coated steel is exceptionally robust. It is equipped with three laser-welded load cells.
    Volume measurement is provided by three high-quality laser distance sensors of laser class 2, which measure the length, width and height of the package with an accuracy of up to 1.5 mm.
    For optimal integration into your processes, the BOSCHE 3D scale is available in three different sizes.
    Weighing range: 30 kg, 60 kg or 150 kg.


    All dimensions refer to the standard models. Customised dimensions possible.

    Volume scale
    Silence 600
    830 mm 785 mm 915 mm 600 mm 600 mm 660 mm
    Volume scale
    Silence 800
    1030 mm 985 mm 1100 mm 800 mm 800 mm 860 mm
    Volume scale
    Silence 1000
    1230 mm 1185 mm 1100 mm 1000 mm 1000 mm 860 mm
    Volume scale
    Silence 1200
    1430 mm 1385 mm 1100 mm 1200 mm 1200 mm 860 mm
    Volume scale
    special size
    on request

    Example of volume measuring system in customised design with special dimension:

    Volumenwaage in Kundenspezifischer Ausführung mit Sondermaß



    Non-verifiable:Weighing range, MaxDigit step, dExternal dimensions L x B x HMaximum package size
    L x B x H
    Volume scale
    3D Silence 600
    30 / 60 kg 10 / 20 g  830 x 785 x 915 mm 600 x 600 x 660 mm
    Volume scale
    3D Silence 800
    30 / 60 / 150 kg 10 / 20 / 50 g 1030 x 985 x 1100 mm 800 x 800 x 860 mm
    Volume scale
    3D Silence 1000
    30 / 60 / 150 kg 50 / 50 / 50 g 1230 x 1185 x 1100 mm 1000 x 1000 x 860 mm
    3D Silence 1200
    30 / 60 / 150 kg 50 / 50 / 50 g 1430 x 1385 x 1100 mm 1200 x 1200 x 860 mm

    Volume scale

    Selectable: 30 / 60 / 150 kg   Customized Customized
    Measuring stops For the measurement of non-cubic objects      
    Industrial PC Volume-weight meter       
    Interchangeable battery  For current-independent measurement      
    Transport trolley For mobile use with self-sufficient power supply Volumenwaage-3D_komplett    
    Software adaptation        



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