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  • BW10195
  • Animal scale<br />ETW VA
  • Portable Weigh Crate for weighing of pigs<br />Capacity 300 kg | Readability 500 g
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Made in Germany
Made in Germany
Made in Germany
You can reduce sort losses considerably by weighing pigs. The ETW VA are high-quality... more
Product information "Animal scale ETW VA"

You can reduce sort losses considerably by weighing pigs. The ETW VA are high-quality single animal scales that can also be used as sorting scales. The key features of these livestock scales are listed below:


  • Portable Weigh Crate for Pigs
  • Made entirely of V2a-grade stainless steel
  • Weihing technology: 4 load cells á 1000 kg
  • Step height only 35 mm
  • Non-slip slatted floor
  • Waterproof stainless steel indicator with large 30 mm display
  • Rotatable indicator
  • Sorting lights with three-colour status display
  • Total weight just 54 kg
  • Simple single-handed operation of the entrance gate
  • Remote unlocking - the front gate can be controlled remotely by a lever mechanism
  • Two large rubber wheels (150 mm) and one retractable guide wheel mounted on the front for easy transportation
  • Animal weighing software for accurate weighing even of restless animals 
  • Optional: Integrated battery with automatic, power-saving switch-off feature for up to 15 hours of continuous operation 
  • Pen and spray can holder included
  • Dimensions: 1600 x 525 x 900 mm
  • Optional: Data transfer of weight, date and time to a USB stick
  • 3 years warranty


HIGH -LOW function OK - weight limit control by entering a minimum and maximum weight.
Animal weighing - A special program, which forms a stable mean when moving loads ( restless animals ) and a precise determination of weight possible.
Zero - tare - tare manual , auto tare , gross / net Summation of weights - up to 9,999 weighings.

Optional data memory

You can store all weights recorded on the device along with details of the time and date. You can then transfer the values to a USB stick and easily evaluate and archive them on a Windows PC using the software provided. You can also track exactly how many animals were weighed within a specific time period. This is an excellent control tool and provides you with a clear overview.

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Available downloads:

Easy to transport

A retractable guide wheel is integrated in the gate, which you can fold out easily to transport the scales in an upright position. You can manoeuvre the scales easily through winding gangways. The indicator can be folded in to provide extra space and protect the device. A 180° degree turn in a narrow aisle is not a problem. The extra large transport wheels with a diameter of 125 mm (roller wheels 100 mm) handle particularly well on uneven ground and slatted floors. When you do not need the livestock scales, you can store them away upright to save space.

Low step height and slatted floor

Pigs are reluctant to overcome any height differences. This is the case when it comes to stepping on and off scales. The extremely low step height of 35 mm is a suitable height for the animal and saves time during weighing. High-quality, non-slip flooring made by 3M ensures a secure footing. The slatted floor supplied as standard prevents excess dirt from collecting on the scales and makes them easier to clean.

Stainless steel frame and load cells

The entire frame and the load cells are made of stainless steel. This material has been tried and tested in the stable for decades. It is easy to clean and maintains its shape and structure for years. The load cells are not cast, but are instead sealed in a special laser-welding process.

Einzeltierwaage - Schweinewaage Konstruktion

Compact display in stainless steel housing with 30 mm digits

The indicator has been developed specifically for the ETW-VA animal scales and comes in a stainless steel housing. The 30 mm digits are backlit and can be read clearly from every angle. The compact design and the folding mechanism make it easy to work with the scales.

Sorting lights for easy checking of the slaughter weight

To simplify the weighing process, BOSCHE pig scales come with sorting lights as standard. You can enter the slaughter weight directly and 12 status LED lights indicate the weight of the animal. Green for the correct target weight, yellow if the animals are too light and red if the animals are too heavy. Colours are easier to compare than numbers as it is not necessary to always read the weight. This makes the work easier and ensures greater reliability.

Easy to use

Only one person is required to weigh the pigs due to the lever mechanism (remote unlocking) used to open the front gate. The indicator has been developed specifically for weighing animals. The display and keypad are reduced to a minimum and do not have additional confusing functions. You switch it on, weigh, store the data and that's it. You can transfer the data to the USB stick at any time.

Spray can and pen holder as standard

With these scales, we have come up with a particularly space-saving solution. The holder is made of highly durable material and provides space for two pens and two cans. The diagonal arrangement makes the pens or cans easier to remove and prevents them from falling out while transporting the livestock scales upright.

Lowered front frame

The special geometry of the frame ensures that the animals enter the scales willingly. The lowered front part of the scales makes them appear lower and the clear view through the scales and the latticed sides prevents the animal from feeling confined. The frame at the rear of the scales is higher and stops the animals from jumping over. The free space created makes room for the remote control, can holder and indicator. The single animal scales are transported more often than they are used for weighing. Their compact design and mobility are therefore important and make working easier.

Quiet entry thanks to rock solid parts

To make pigs less afraid of entering the scales, all individual parts are solid mounted. This greatly reduces the amount of noise made when they step onto the scales and makes stepping onto the non-slip slatted floor easier, even for nervous animals.

Animal weighing software

A special software program is provided that works out a stable average weight, even when the animal is moving around (restless animals), and enables you to determine the exact weight.

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Adjustable rubber foot for Load cell k30 Load foot
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Bodenwaage eichfähig bis 3.000 kg Heavy duty scale
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Custom size platform
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Legal for trade
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Stainless steel platform: 330 x 330 mm
Durchfahrwaage mit 1 Rampe bis 600 kg Flat-bed scales
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Weighing platform: 1 x 1.5 m
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