Scales for airport

At the airport nothing works without scales. Everyone knows this phenomenon: hand luggage too heavy, suitcase weight too heavy, you have to pay again or even unpack. So-called "repacking stations" are now available at some airports. At these repacking stations at airports, the luggage can be repacked and weighed directly using a luggage scale.

Are the luggage scales at the airport calibrated?

In the case of self-inspection, the scales do not need to be calibrated. Professional luggage scales for airports are factory calibrated, which means that these scales were tested after production by the Weagenbauer calibrated. A regular check of the weighing function and the accuracy of the luggage scale can be carried out and recorded using test weights.
As soon as the weight is used to calculate freight costs , the airport scale or luggage scale must be calibrated.

How do I weigh my luggage or suitcase at home?

If you don't have a suitcase scale, you can use your standard household body scale. We recommend the following procedure: First weigh yourself and then pick up the suitcase or piece of luggage and hold it in front of your chest (if possible). Now they step on the scales again. The difference between the two measurement data results in the suitcase weight. Why not weigh the suitcase alone? Many simple body scales are not very accurate within the first 10 kg.

What kind of scales are used at the airport?

At the airport, suitcase scales, luggage scales and cargo scales are used for the movement of goods. Cargo scales can be platform scales, large floor scales or even pallet scales. As is usual with a shipment of goods, air freight is paid for by weight and distributed accordingly in the logistics center. For this purpose, the freight is transported in advance via cargo scales in order to record the real weight. Once all of the luggage for a flight has been recorded, it goes onto the plane for transport. Cargo scales can be found at every airport.

What is the difference between suitcase scales and luggage scales?

Suitable scales are usually small "hanging scales" that are used by private individuals. These are often available inexpensively from online retailers. A professional luggage scale for airports is fundamentally different here. This airport scale is a platform scale. We usually have weight ranges of up to 150 kg. The accuracy of the airport scale also plays an important role for air traffic.

How accurate are airport scales?

Airport scales are not subject to any regulations, they only serve to help passengers weigh their luggage correctly and repack it if necessary. Most airport scales have a resolution of 10 to 50 grams and a weighing range of 150 kg. Airport scales come from logistics. Essentially, airport scales differ from pure Logistics scales in operation. With a logistics scale you need far more information. This data is often forwarded to ERP systems or printers. With airport scales, only basic functions such as "tare" are usually available: tare the scale, set up the suitcase, read the weight of the scale display.

Cargo scales from BOSCHE Weighing technology

We offer various scales for airports. Our customers include airlines, tour operators, airports and logistics centers in the aero industry.

Our "Platform scale Aero TP 150" (Jarka: adjust if necessary, was just an idea as a text filler) offers a robust construction with a weighing range of up to 150 kg and overload protection of 50%. The scale display is firmly screwed to the tripod and can be used directly at the airport thanks to its easy operation.

The luggage scale can be calibrated by service employees using scale software via a data interface.

The weight can be read in kilograms on the weighing terminal. The resolution can be parameterized. It is usually enough for the suitcase scale to resolve in the range of 10-50 grams. The Aero TP 150 luggage scale is ideal for repacking stations at airports.

In the area of logistics we offer the cargo scale 3000. It can be accessed from all sides with forklifts and pallet trucks, as well as luggage transport scales.

This versatile airport scale for the movement of goods in the airport offers numerous functions:

  • Battery operation possible
  • Catchable
  • Weights up to 5t
  • Data can be read and transferred via WLAN or RS485 interfaces.
  • Robust steel construction, powder-coated
  • etc.

With the cargo scale, air freight can be loaded accurately and accurately.
Various scale displays are available for the cargo air freight scale.

There is also the option of connecting an I-PC. This allows the data to be collected locally and transferred directly to the logistics/warehousing software as a data export.
A barcode scanner with a photo function can be used to image recorded pieces of luggage or, for example, to note transport damage during further shipping.