Build your own scales with scale kits from BOSCHE

It can make sense to design your own scales in order to tailor them individually to a corresponding process. Does your company develop its own production lines that cannot accommodate standard scales? Then a scale kit from BOSCHE is recommended, which contains all the necessary, perfectly coordinated parts to build your own scale. Read more...

The load cell determines the properties of the scale

The most important part within an electronically controlled weighing system is undoubtedly the load cell. Because it determines all the properties that a scale should have. The ones in the Weight sensor integrated strain gauges (DMS) register even the smallest deformations and, with the change in electrical resistance, send an analog signal to the evaluation device (the s.g. DMS measuring amplifier). With the exception of hanging scales, you usually need more than one load cell to reliably weigh goods.

Always pay attention to the nominal load when building scales yourself

After choosing the right shape, you also have to consider the metrological properties. What is particularly important is the nominal load of the individual load cell. When using several, the nominal load of the individual components adds up to a total nominal load. However, this does not mean that a scale with 4 load cells à 500 kg nominal load automatically has a nominal load of 2,000 kg. The total nominal load is usually below the calculated value. The higher the rated load of the individual cell, the larger the step size. This means that a load cell with a higher rated load has a greater measurement resolution than a cell with a lower rated load.

Which scales can you build yourself?

When building a larger Floor - Platform scales, it is recommended to use 4 load cells in order to obtain reliable measurement results. Depending on how high the nominal load of the weighing device should be, platform scales use shear beam or platform load cells. Also Compressive force load cells are conceivable here - especially if emphasis is placed on a flat structure and fast weighing processes. For small platform scales for low weights, it is not necessary to install more than one load cell. Here you can buy so-called Use singlepoint load cells. To determine train weights, as with a crane scale, it is recommended to use an S-shaped load cell.

At BOSCHE you can get complete scale kits for various requirements and areas of application. Always follow the assembly and connection instructions if you want to build a scale yourself. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our team of experts by telephone at any time.

What else you need 

In addition to the properties of the cells themselves, attention must also be paid to the appropriate attachment and alignment of the load cells. Ideally, you should mount the load cells with rubber mounts to protect them against vibrations and impacts. The corresponding platform is also attached to the load cell - or on hanging scales a hook - attached. When using several load cells, they must have a Load cell junction box can be connected to each other. In addition, an appropriate display device is required to read the weight and/or start the weighing process. It is important that all load cells within the system are calibrated. In a finished BOSCHE kit, all the parts included are already calibrated and coordinated with one another.

A scale display from BOSCHE is suitable for building scales yourself; the load cells can be connected to one another quickly and easily using plugs.