Industrial plattform and floor scales

Platform scales are used in all industries for all areas of application in weighing technology  Platform scales, often also referred to as floor scales, are used on a daily basis, particularly in industry. If you want to optimize your shipping business, these scales are indispensable as parcel scales. Read more...

Platform Scales up to 150 kg

Bosche platform scales are adapted to these areas due to their use in harsh industrial and craft environments. Even when used in chemically influenced workspaces, our measuring devices can be used. The compact design and easy operation set the platform scales apart and make them easy to integrate into everyday work.plattform_ips_mwi_ostativ

The platform scale as a mobile companion

The Bosche Weighing Technology platform scale can be operated either stationary or mobile. The scale can be powered by both mains electricity and a battery. The battery offers a very long operating time of approximately 80 hours, partly achieved through an automatic shut-off function during inactivity. For mobile use, Bosche also offers a transport cart parallel to the platform scale, ensuring swift and uncomplicated use throughout your company. The transport cart can be assembled with just a few simple steps, making it a flexible assistant.

Accessories and Applications for platform scales

Furthermore, we have tripods and brackets for scale displays in our product range. With the help of these mounting options, the display units can be attached to the platform scale, a wall, or positioned freestanding on the floor, allowing you and your employees to easily and clearly read measurements without obstruction from the weighed goods.

Thanks to its particularly flat design, low weight, and adjustable feet, it can be quickly deployed anywhere. This makes platform scales suitable both as table scales and floor scales.

Parcel Scales for precise shipping cost calculation

As parcel scales, our models enable you to accurately measure the weight of your shipments, allowing for precise calculation of shipping costs. This helps you minimize shipping costs while improving customer service.

Paketwaage Versandwaage

The versatile parcel scale finds its use in various applications such as in receiving, production, storage, or shipping. With the separate display unit, even weighing bulky items is effortless. This parcel scale is characterized by its practical handling and is easy to operate even for inexperienced personnel, thanks to its user-friendly interface. The lightweight construction, flexible mounting options, and battery operation make it suitable for use almost anywhere. Whether it's small or large packages, components, or voluminous objects – weighing nearly all items within the rated load is made extremely simple thanks to the detachable display unit.