High-quality compact scales for industry and trade

The compact scale is the first choice when it comes to an inexpensive and at the same time precise option for determining weight. In both retail and industry, it is important to obtain reliable measurement values for products and, for example, to fill packaging uniformly or set prices. When sending letters and parcels, the compact scale is indispensable for determining postage and in the laboratory you can use it to weigh recipes down to the gram. Read more...

Compact scale - flexible and easy to use

Thanks to its space-saving and lightweight design, the compact scale is ideal for small work areas and for stationary and mobile weighing. It is similar in structure and function to a conventional platform scale, but is used exclusively as a bench scale. The compact scales in our range are all equipped with a membrane keyboard that is easy to use and protects the built-in electronics from dust and moisture. Due to the acoustic feedback when operating the pressure point buttons, a compact scale is particularly intuitive to use - – also for inexperienced staff. The measuring device can be tared using the keyboard and various special functions such as percentage weighing and piece counting can be selected. The weighing technology follows the principle of weight force measurement with direct introduction of force into the strain gauge of the load cell. The determined mass of the object is displayed on the built-in LC display of the compact scale, which - depending on the model — Has a display with up to 6 digits, a multiple display and a backlight for optimal readability.

Exact compact scale, calibratable and versatile

The special feature of a compact scale is that the display is located close to the weighing platform in order to minimize the space requirement as much as possible. The high accuracy in a maximum weighing range between 0.5 g and 150 kg - depending on the model chosen - ideal for compact scales for various areas of application. In the BOSCHE online shop you can get various special variants for picking, shipping or total mass determination:

  • Counting scales with three displays for weight, piece weight and number of pieces
  • Base weight scales with wind protection for papers, textiles, leather and rubber
  • Dual-range scales with more precise and greater readability

Our compact scales can be leveled using foot screws, with the built-in spirit level serving as a reference point. The removable stainless steel weighing platform makes regular cleaning much easier. In addition, every BOSCHE compact scale is protected against dust and splash water according to IP 54. Optional extras such as automatic switch-off, overload warning, printer interface and battery are available for various compact scales. If you need a calibrated measuring instrument, we recommend using a calibratable compact scale and specifying the calibration requirement when ordering. Due to legal regulations, the first calibration must always be carried out by the manufacturer.