Product information "Compact scale WS 15 000"

The Bosche Compact Scales of the WS 15 000 series are the low cost and quality alternative to the table scales for industry and trade. They can be used anywhere in the non-approved applications, such as goods receipt, in production, in the warehouse or shipping. The scale is practical, versatile and easy to use. The user friendly surface allows even little experienced staff to operate with the scale. The optional battery makes the scale mobile and makes it an indispensable, everyday helpers. 


  • Capacity 6kg / 15kg / 30kg
  • Stainless steel platform 300 x 225 mm
  • High-impact ABS plastic housing, protection class IP 54
  • Power-saving 6-digit 25 mm LCD display with adjustable backlight
  • Tactile keys with audible feedback
  • Stability and zero point monitoring
  • Robust and overload protected with overload warning
  • Adjustable automatic shut-off
  • Standard dust cover
  • Optional Accumulator


Non-verifiable: Weighing range, Max Digit increment, D Taring range Linearity deviation
WS 15 000 06
6 kg 0,5 g - 6 kg 0,5 g
WS 15 000 15
15 kg 1 g - 10 kg 1 g
WS 15 000 30
30 kg 2 g - 15 kg 2 g
ISO-Verification certificate        
Check weight Suitable test weights also with verification certificate      

Power supply

As standard the scale is powered by an AC adapter with AC power. Optionally, we offer an integrated battery with up to 70 hours operating time. The charging time is 15 hours. The adjustable automatic shut-off saves energy and battery power.


  • Zero position
  • Tare function
  • Gross/Net
  • Weighing with adjustable tolerance range (+ / -)


The detachable stainless steel platform (225 x 300 mm) of the bench scale and the robust plastic housing with the waterproof membrane keypad guarantee a high level of protection in industrial environments. A replaceable protective cover against dust or other residues protects against damage to the display and keys. Because of the four height-adjustable feet and with the help of the built-in adjustment bubble, the table scale can be easily set up in changing locations.



Weighing technology

A stable display of the weighing results is guaranteed by the direct introduction of force into a strain gauge load cell.


Display and keybord

A bright, power-saving, 6-digit LCD display with 25 mm digit height ensures good visibility of the weighing data. The adjustable backlight guarantees optimal readability even in unfavourable lighting conditions.The operation is intuitive and takes place via a comfortable membrane keypad with 4 keys and enables easy handling even for inexperienced personnel.The keys with a noticeable pressure point provide security while using the device.  


Kompaktwaage abnehmbarer Wägeplatte für leichte ReinigungKompaktwaage mit SchutzhaubeKompakte  Tischwaage mit Edelstahlplattform

Product-group: Bench scale
Requirements | Area of application: Industry, Logistics and shipping, Trade and retail


Compact Scale WST
Capacity: 5/ 10 kg
Stainless steel platform 200 x 175 mm