Weighing table for laboratories and test centers

Weighing tables are used in different areas. They are designed in different ways to meet individual requirements. A weighing table for the laboratory is constructed differently than a weighing table for inventory use. Read more...

High-quality weighing tables are tailored to the area of application and offer a work surface that impresses in use.

Why do you need a weighing table?

Weighing tables, which are also known as anti-vibration tables, are used in areas where exact measurement results are required to enable precise work with a wide variety of materials and substances . Weighing tables are used primarily in laboratories and measuring rooms. They offer the optimal work surface for micro, analytical and comparator balances. The tables absorb vibrations and stabilize the measuring devices during use. This eliminates measurement inaccuracies as best as possible.

Weighing table - special features

A simple anti-vibration table combines an integrated stone plate supported on rubber blocks and the external work table as an extended work surface. This is equipped with an aluminum profile frame and height-adjustable feet. This weighing table offers the perfect measuring conditions for working with micro, analytical and comparator balances without being influenced by vibrations or oscillations.

An anti-vibration table made of granite is based on a construction made of a shock-absorbing weighing plate made of granite. The heavy weight of the table top is protected with 4 dampers to ensure additional vibration absorption. These models are also suitable for measuring with micro, analytical and comparator balances. The stable construction of the weighing table made of granite eliminates measurement inaccuracies that can arise from vibrations or oscillations.

The integrated stone plate of the anti-vibration weighing table has a width of 41cm, depth of 27cm and height of 11.5cm. This means that larger scales can also be placed on the stone slab. Another feature is the height adjustability up to 81.5 cm. This means the table can be perfectly adapted to the respective working environment.

The stone slab of the granite weighing table is 90 cm wide and 60 cm deep. Larger scales can also be placed here and the work area can be used optimally. With a weight of 267 kg, the table has the necessary stability to absorb vibrations.

What materials is the weighing table plate made of?

All weighing tables are constructed in such a way that they have a stable frame. The frame offers secure stability on various surfaces. However, the weighing table plate is crucial for the measurement accuracy with which you can work. Weighing tables with sections made of granite or made entirely of granite have become standard over time. The robust material impresses with many important properties:

  • High durability
  • High density
  • Vibration and vibration absorption
  • High weight

When do you need a weighing table?

Laboratory tables used in measurement technology must meet special requirements in order not to influence the measurement results and to produce good recipe quality. Precise weighing work in the laboratory is required, for example, as part of the series of measurements or for reaction implementation. Especially when handling hazardous substances, exact measurement accuracy is important, which can be achieved using a weighing table or anti-vibration table.

Where can a weighing table be placed?

Ideally, a weighing table is placed in a room that is as free as possible from external influences such as drafts, vibrations and crowds of people. Within the room, care should be taken to ensure that the weighing table is set up as free-standing as possible and is easily accessible. This prevents the measuring accuracy from being affected by accidentally hitting the table.

The load-bearing capacity of the surface is just as important. Since a weighing table is relatively heavy, care must be taken to ensure that the surface has the necessary stability to support the weighing table.

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