Product information "anti vibration - weighing table"

Anti-vibrations-weighing table

The weighing table is designed for laboratories or rooms with instrumentation to provide adequate working conditions for micro, analytical and Comparators . The weighing table is designed to accommodate vibration and thus create stable working conditions. These requirements are detailed measurements. A false measurement result is thus excluded. The core of the weighing table is a heavy stone slab, which is supported on special damping elements.

  • Weighing table with granite block for stable, precise and safe weighing results
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Insulated bearing against the weighing plate against vibrations
  • Height adjustable feet
  • Polished weighing block / granite stone plate: 270 x 410 x 115 mm
  • Stainless steel substructure (W x D x H): 770 x 650 x 815 mm
  • Feet: adjustable height
  • Total weight: approx. 55 kg

Anti-vibrations-weighing table

The table consists of two distinct components:

  • An integrated workspace with shock - absorbing slab by applied rubber blocks
  • An external work table with aluminum frame and adjustable feet


Weighing plate centre

Weighing plate transverse


Scope of delivery

1. Hard disk
2. Working table 
3. Integrated table 
4. Installation instructions (not shown)

Material: Stainless Steel